Ways to Get Rid of Age Spots on the Legs

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Age spots on legs can develop on anyone's skin due to different reasons. They are not harmful but might make you look unattractive...

Age spots can make our skin look unattractive and damaged when they occur on a large area. These are typically flat and can be black or brown colored. They can be small or large in size. There can be a single age spot or perhaps a number of them present over your skin. The root cause is overexposure to sun. The damaging sunrays are known to damage your skin resulting in age spots. These can also be caused because of aging or blood clotting. Hence, they’re common in people over the age of 40 years. Also, youngsters who’re over exposed to the harmful sunrays could easily get these spots. Age spots around the legs and hands are more common, though they are able to appear anywhere on your skin.

Ways to Get Rid of Age Spots on the Legs

Ways to Get Rid of Age Spots on the Legs

Ways of Removing Age Spots

  • Garlic may be the best way to fade age spots on legs. It will help the outer layer of skin to dry and shed. You have to apply fresh garlic on the affected area everyday. This helps brown age spots.
  • Apply vitamin E oil around the age spots regularly to get rid of them. You may also apply almond oil that contains vitamin E for the treatment of age spots.
  • Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent. Putting it on regularly will help you get rid of these spots.
  • Apple cider vinegar may cure many skin problems, it’s the best home remedy to cure age spots. Applying apple cider vinegar regularly can help promote new skin growth, in turn, disposing of the age spots.
  • You can mix equal parts of vinegar and onion juice and apply this solution on dark spots. Apply this twice a day until you notice the results.
  • Aloe vera juice freshly taken off the leaves or that in bottled form may be used to treat age spots. It is cool and it has healing properties, it will soothe the skin and lower the age spots. Apply it and rub it thoroughly around the affected areas twice a day.
  • Using Castor oil is yet another good way to get rid of age spots on legs. Rub it thoroughly over the spots once in a while day to have a plain complexion.

Wear Full-length Clothes

The most obvious ways to keep your legs out of sight would be to wear full length clothes. You are able to look elegant in long skirts and trousers too. While this cannot always be the best way to avoid it, it serves to help in urgent situations. If you need to go out and have no time to focus on those freckles, just slip into the ground length dress.

Wear Stockings

Stockings is one of the ideas to hide age spots in your legs because it gives you the liberty to wear mini dresses and shorts. Some of black stockings can go with a dress of just about any colour. And if you don’t such as the artificial look of black stockings, try the nude or skin coloured stockings. They are able to give the illusion of smooth legs.

Use Concealer

Much like concealer can hide the issues on your face, it can mask age spots on your legs too. Select a lighter shade of concealer than the face for your legs. This is because your legs will often have a lighter complexion that the facial skin. Apply the concealer around the spots and then dust some foundation powder onto it. To add some finishing touches, it is possible to apply some bronzer on your legs. In case your legs look bronzed, age spots will be naturally less visible.

Get Tanned

The lighter your skin tone, the visibility of how old you are spots will be more. The best method to reduce the visibility of these ugly dark spots on legs is to get tanned. Some amount of suntanning is good for the skin. So you can apply suntanning lotion on your body and relax on the planet. This will give you sun-kissed skin and reduce the outcome of the age spots. Just make sure you get a uniform tan and never a patchy one.

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