Top Ten Best Phuket Beaches

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Phuket island has some of the best beaches in Thailand, with a large choice of beaches to suit all tastes.

Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world, however with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the perfect one.

Best Phuket Beaches

Best Phuket Beaches

The best Thailand beach spots are highlighted below. Each has its own distinct personality, so you’re certain to find the right beach for you.

Phuket island has the best beaches in Thailand, with a large choice of beaches to match all tastes. The tropical blue water and soft white sands around the island make it an ideal spot to spend a relaxing holiday. Take a look at some of our favourite beaches in Phuket..

Patong beach

Patong is the party capital of Phuket with a lot of bars and nightclubs. Lots of sun beds are available here, beachwear, beers and towels may also be bought without even having to leave your sun bed. This beach is crowded in peak season but to find the clear water, go to the north end of the bay. This beach isn’t just for swimming, water sports and activities for example jet Skiing and parasailing can be achieved here, and if you are tired of each one of these things you can have a Thai massage around the beach, under a bamboo hut or by yourself sun bed.

Railey Beach, Krabi

Though it’s technically around the mainland, Railey Beach is only accessible by boat and it has a desert island feeling you won’t find of all of the country’s popular beach destinations. Clear blue waters, small islands coming and majestic cliffs surround the little beach, which is generally not crowded except during high season.

Karon beach

Karon beach is the second largest beach of Phuket. It’s one of the best tourist beaches in Phuket with 3 rows of sun beds, so it’s not deep, but it’s one of the longest beaches on the island. This beach isn’t as crowded as Patong beach. Luxury hotels and resorts are only a few steps away from the beach. Karon hosts the Dino Park mini golf located south from the beach and it also has good spots for children snorkeling

Kata beach

Kata Beach is really a curving, white sand and clear water beach alongside Karon beach. It is one of the famous beaches in Phuket in which the sun beds are quickly occupied. To obtain one of sun beds here, you need to come early. Water activities for example Jet skies, Surfing, Parasailing plus some other activities can be done here. The southern area of the beach can be interesting for children where they are able to see lots of fishes.

Freedom beach

Freedom beach, 6 km from noisy Patong is an extremely cool place to spend time. It’s located at the south of Patong in the foot of green hill where sun beds are put under the palm trees. Long tail boats can be found in Patong to go to this beach. It’s one of the most famous beaches with soft pristine and it’s very clean too. Aquatic sports activities are forbidden about this quiet beach.


Peaceful and calm, the beautiful white sands of Kamala summon many people during day time but if you’re seeking a lot more than sunbathing on a perfect beach, there are more options such as scuba dive in the north end of the beach.
There aren’t any waves from November to April (NE monsoon) and also the water is crystal clear and calm. From May to October (SW monsoon) sometimes there can be large waves brought on by ocean swell, however more often than not swimming is perfectly safe on Kamala beach, be aware when the red flags are flying.

Nakalay beach

Nakalay Beach, situated in Nakalay Bay in between Patong and Kamala, is simply 4km from Patong beach. Nakalay Beach may be the private property of our own Thavorn Beach Village Resort, a four star resort with excellent hospitality and services. Aquatic sports are strictly forbidden here. There’s also a private jetty in the middle of the beach that is very good for swimming removed from to see the sea angels and fishes. It’s a perfect place to spend each day with the family, relaxing on the beach, obtaining a tan and drinking cocktails or perhaps a cold beer.

Top Ten Best Phuket Beaches

Top Ten Best Phuket Beaches

Lamai Beach, Samui

Though Samui’s beaches could be packed, especially during peak season, this beach strikes an ideal balance for visitors searching for pretty scenery, good swimming and lots of other things to do when you’re not within the water. At night, the scores of bars and restaurants turn Lamai Beach right into a party scene.

Haad Rin, Koh Pha Ngan

As beautiful because it is, Haad Rin is really known for just one thing – Full Moon Party! Monthly the beach goes on an all-night bender with lots of drinking, dancing and music. Sometimes of the month, the party atmosphere still pervades so those searching for a quieter beach experience may want to steer clear. During the day the soft, gold sand and gently sloping coast make Haad Rin well suited for swimming and enjoying the surrounding scenery, though much traffic are too bleary-eyed to appreciate it.

Bangtao beach

Bangtao beach is just one of Phuket’s longest beaches, historically it was employed for tin mining, but now it’s a place for holiday makers and luxury resorts. Dry season from November-April is a superb time for swimming here. There are many restaurants, travel providers along with other tourist facilities here. This beach is the best place for relaxing, it is very neat and far away from the noise. This beach is definitely accessible by motorbike or car.

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