Top 10 World’s Most Amazing Nightlife Cities 2015

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Nightlife is the active and fun life of party goers when nighttime comes. Going to the different bars that offer drinks like beer and tequila is one great thing to do.

The most exciting cities in the world are usually the ones with an adventurous, cutting edge nightlife culture. For ex. New York, Berlin, London, Amsterdam. There’s something going on at all hours of the night. Cities are always alive, moving, booming.

Sure, your local nightclubs may make the cut for the average Joe who likes to party every once in a while, but true party animals need something more than that to satisfy their inner wild side. So if you’re thinking about throwing your best friend a grand bachelor party, or simply planning a two day vacation with the boys, here are the top ten cities with the best nightlife from around the world.

These are the Top 10 Cities For Nightlife , you should visit for a good time.

Best Nightlife Cities in the World

Best Nightlife Cities in the World

Dublin, Ireland

If there was a dream party land that every soul will long to be in, it is definitely Dublin. Beer flow in torrents and streets crowded with tons of people walking in and out of nightclubs makes this the perfect destination for you to spend your sexy night. Comedy, cabaret, clubs and most of all legal drinking age of 18 make Dublin a party bonanza. A city so full of zeal, it will give you completely new perception to nightlife.

Pacha, Ibiza, Spain

Ranked number one, Pacha hosts the world’s biggest brands, top DJs and performers and an army of loyal followers. The venue has five rooms playing a variety of musical genres but it is the legendary main room that has made Ibiza famous. The elevated DJ booth, overlooking the dance floor has hosted performances from superstar DJs and world-class vocalists on many occasions, cementing Pacha’s place as the most glamorous night club in the world. Pacha is a true clubbing super power, from the humble beginnings on the island almost four decades ago; it is one of the most visited venues on the island and in the world.

New York, NY

The city perfectly fits into being titled as ‘the city that never sleeps’. There is no one place you will want to spend the nights of your week. Bars featuring 72 cocktails referring to different historical periods, mega clubs in meatpacking, warehouse parties, hip-hop and jazz, the trembling base of metal bands, classy opera, loft parties, college bars and ever enthusiastic people, will all draw you out of your bed every single day for a new experience.

Zouk, Singapore

Zouk is the most popular nightclub in Singapore that attracts not only local residents but also international travelers. Providing excellent clubbing experience to customers for more than 23 years, this award winning club has long been recognized as one of the best nightlife attractions in Singapore. Zouk has four different clubs within its complex. Each club has different decorating styles and music to engage all types of clubbers. Besides its amazing music, Zouk has state-of-the-art lighting, a great drink menu and fashionable crowds.

Stereo, Montreal, Canada

Stereo is an afterhour’s club which was meticulously designed to achieve the best in sound quality and acoustics. Stereo is primarily focused on house music, which is reflected in its decor. This place is strictly for real house music lovers although they have hosted some incredible techno nights with the biggest names in the business. Stereo has cemented its place as one of the most interesting and exciting experiences of Montreal’s eccentric nightlife. It has also been listed in “25 Clubs To Discover Before You Die.” You are truly missing out on one of the best clubs in the world if you don’t give it a try.

Bangkok, Thailand

A highlight for party animals on the east side of the world, Bangkok hosts a variety of nightlife attractions, from open rooftop bars to night markets, where you can practice your bargaining skills to get big discounts.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is home to the best rated and hippest bars across the world. It houses tons of options when it comes to warehouse parties. The city is so in love with its party loving people that you have clubs that have beds installed underground so you can party all night and crash here without having to wave a sad good bye to the place. Late night venues open up till early morning hours, thus letting the people get the best of the city all day long.

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States

Goa, India

There is something to having a New Year party here. Goa’s beaches are like a fantasy land you could drain your nights in. Every spirited party animal will feel the music beating loud and clear and it is impossible to refrain from doing your crazy moves out here. You will pet the dance floor and rock your night with hot music playing out there. The night bazaars, music festivals and the people here keep the city so alive and going through the night.


In a city where “Salarymen” work long hours, Tokyo has a thriving late-night culture, allowing its hard-working residents the chance to let-off steam. This makes for a huge range of superb restaurants and bars, the most authentic of which are called Izakaya, which, much like British pubs, offer a combination of food, drink and conviviality. More affordable options are Shirokiya and Tsubohachi, where you can order hearty finger food, which tends to be cooked on barbecues.

Los Angeles, California, United States

Landing at LAX, you have thousands of options to choose from. Sunset Boulevard hosts a number of nightclubs, which are often a go to location for celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, along with sports bars and lounges.

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