The World Best Places to Spend this Christmas Vacations

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Christmas is a great time of year to spend at home with your family and loved ones; it's just as special for making Christmas travel plans. Here is a list of the top 8 destinations where you can spend your Christmas vacations.

The year is about to end and winter is just gorgeous. The world looks like a Hallmark card and you can hear bells jingling around the corner. Christmas is the time for celebration. People start decorating their homes and outdoors ahead of Christmas. The kids are on a break from school and you don’t mind loosening your money belts. What better than to plan a Christmas vacation? The question however, is where to spend this vacation. Be it Europe’s famous Christmas markets or Santa’s hometown or Las Vegas nightlife, beach party. Here, In this article we will be providing the top 8 Christmas vacation destinations across the world.

Christmas Vacation Destinations:

Best Places to Spend Christmas 2015

Best Places to Spend Christmas 2015

Las Vegas

Nightlife at Las Vegas is bustling at all times of the year and during Christmas it gets even more exceptional. If you want to spend your Christmas in Las Vegas then you should make your bookings well in advance to avoid a pinch in the pocket. The prices soar during Christmas and it becomes tough to get rooms. Some attractions include the dancing fountains in Bellagio, Botanical Gardens, Bellagio’s Conservatory.


Orlando in Florida is one of the most traveled tourist destinations in the US – all throughout the year. And it is the place to go if you are not looking for skiing throughout the Christmas season. Orlando has a host of things to do. You can get a bit of sun all over here, even if it is December. Three huge amusement parks will keep you engaged in Orlando – the world famous Walt Disney World Resort, the SeaWorld Orlando and the Universal Orlando Resort. You will also find the buildings of Disney-MGM Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and the Typhoon Lagoon within the Walt Disney World Resort. If you want to check out some of the best shopping destinations, you can head to The Florida Mall or The Mall of Millennia. Orlando also boasts of The World’s Largest McDonald’s PlayPlace. Simply put, this is one Christmas vacation destination where you should pack your bags to, if you are taking your kids along.


Christmas in Hawaii is not like the above places. Here you can spend your vacation idly in the six different islands or participate in various activities like kayaking, hiking, watching whales, etc. Exploring the underwater caves and dense rainforests of Hawaii can also be an option for you if you would like a bit of adventure during Christmas time. Popular attractions include the islands of Kauai, Maui, Oahu and Lanai. The Hawaii Island is home to The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park which is a wonder of nature.


What better place to spend Christmas than the “City of Lights”? Paris lives up to its reputation and grandeur with extravagant Christmas lighting and decorations. Touted to be the most romantic city in the world, it’s the ideal place to spend quality time with loved ones. The animated window displays at departmental stores along the Champs Elysee, ice skating or just shopping with Parisians in their beautiful city is a treat in itself.

Goa, India

Goa is a place known for its pristine beaches, chilled out attitude, party life and good food. Moreover, this is your chance to visit India. Christmas is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in Goa. Streets are bustling with energy, with all kinds of special foods being sold in tiny stalls. You can attend the elaborate parties held on Goa’s beaches. There are special cruises as well, which you can enjoy.

Christmas Party In Goa, India

Christmas Party In Goa, India

Disneyland, Anaheim, California

Visiting Disneyland is every child’s dream and what better way to celebrate the Christmas season! Even if you have taken your kids before to Disneyland, taking them during Christmas is a completely new experience of its own. The place is lit up and decorated with all kinds of decorations. It’s so enthralling to see the sixty foot tall Christmas tree, the fantasy parade, the grand fireworks and a lot more. The only problem is that Disneyland is extremely crowded during Christmastime, however, if you don’t mind that, it is worth the visit.

New York

The ultimate holiday destination gets even better during Christmas. The entire city gets a makeover for the festival. The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center with its startling 30,000 fairy lights, the dressed up shops along Fifth Avenue, ice skating at Central Park and Macy’s Santaland are just some of the special holiday spots to visit.


Nothing says Christmas more clearly than the birthplace of Christ itself. Every year, hundreds of people make the pilgrimage to Bethlehem to attend the traditional mass which is held at the Church of the Nativity, at the very spot where Jesus Christ was born.

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