Eiffel Tower Paris: Information and Amazing Facts

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Eiffel Tower is presently possessed by the City of Paris as well as is utilized as a landmark for tourists.

Here we are going to discuss some amazing and interesting facts about Eiffel Tower. The visitors and tourists, who arrived at Paris to see the Eiffel Tower mostly ask the next questions:

Who designed the Eiffel Tower?

What may be the height and weight of Eiffel Tower?

Where the Eiffel Tower is located?

How long it took to complete the construction of Eiffel Tower?

Who built the Eiffel Tower?

Eiffel Tower Paris: Information and Amazing Facts

Eiffel Tower Paris: Information and Amazing Facts

When, Why and just how the Eiffel Tower was built? and much more questions like above. Here we are going to discuss some amazing and fascinating facts about the Eiffel Tower, which can give you the right answer of your question.

Eiffel Tower is one of the seven wonders and many famous monuments of the world. It’s famous iron tower situated in Paris, France. The exact location of Eiffel is Champ de Mars i.e. besides the Seine River. It was built in 1889, also it took almost 2 years in completion. The person who built the Eiffel Tower gave his surname to his creation. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel was the constructor of the amazing and largest tower in the Paris, France. The architect has additionally built the international fame of the Statue of Liberty before.

The Eiffel Tower provides a unique, beautiful and illuminated take a look at night, and it consumes almost 7.8 million kWh each year. But the tourists who found see the largest and biggest iron tower in Paris manage the cost of its beauty, as the government generates revenue in the tourists and visitors. Have a look on the following amazing and fascinating facts about Eiffel Tower.

Real and Interesting Facts about Eiffel Tower

  • Experience: Visiting Eiffel tower will be one out of a life time experience for some people. Although the cosy for this vacation is extremely enormous, you will glad to determine this tower in your life time. Taking picture in front of Eiffel tower is a great thing to do. The wind on the top of Eiffel tower can sway your around.
  • Location: Now understand the location of Eiffel tower before you decide to plan this wonderful vacation. The tower sits around the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. You have to know that almost all people in the world be aware of existence of Eiffel tower.
  • The Original Building: In 1889, Eiffel tower was originated in front of the World’s Fair. It was found on the entrance arch.
  • Gustave Eiffel: The specific tower was derived from the specific creator. Gustave Eiffel was the owner of the organization responsible for contracting the tower in Paris, France.
  • Height: It’s has the height of 1050 feet or 320 meters. For 41 years, this structure took the name of the tallest man made structure on the planet. However, it is surpassed through the Chrysler Building located in New York.
  • Construction: If you notice the pictures of Eiffel tower, main material used in the tower is iron. It’s created from 10000 tons of iron.
  • Paint: To ensure that the iron used in the Eiffel tower isn’t rust, the officials use 50 tones of paint. They will cover the surface with new paint every Many years.
  • Temperature: The height of this tower is affected by the heat. The Eiffel tower can increase 15 cm or 6 inches when the temperature changed.
  • visitors: Since the first opening of Eiffel tower for public, it’s addressed more the 250 million people. Each year, many people from each place in the world come here.

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