Best Places to Spend New Year’s Eve Around The World

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Are you in search of some exotic, secluded, romantic, or inexpensive New Year's Eve getaways? Well, all that you need to do is to plan your way ahead, with help of the following article.

New Year’s Eve is a celebration to usher in the new year and is typically celebrated with a party and a countdown of the last seconds of the year. It is one of the most celebrated events in the year, and one where everyone, irrespective of religion, cast, or creed, joins in the celebrations. Different places have different themes for parties, and while there are no hard and fast rules to determine the best destinations, some of these stand out from the rest. These parties have become such an important celebration, that come New Year’s Eve, there are literally hundreds of parties to choose from, in almost every city of the world.

For those of you who have the means to travel, and expense is not an issue, here are some of the more popular party destinations around the world.

Best New Year’s Eve Holiday Destinations 2016:

New Year's Eve Destinations 2016

New Year’s Eve Destinations 2016


The Sydney New Year’s Eve celebrations are always among the most spectacular in the world. Activity focuses around a glittering Darling Harbour and the majestic Harbour Bridge, the backdrop for some of the most breathtaking fireworks you’ll ever see. At New Year it’s summertime in Sydney, so there’s no better time to celebrate outdoors.


As Big Ben strikes midnight, London rings in the New Year with fabulous fireworks over the Thames. A huge high-spirited crowd turns out to glimpse the iconic London Eye illuminated and to see rockets blaze skywards from barges along the river.


Even though the Lunar New Year is the big one in China’s showcase city, Shanghai’s shift as a global hub in the mold of a New York or London has made the metropolis progressively international. The New Year’s 3D laser and fireworks show along Huangpu River duly draws massive crowds on the Bund.


Like any other part of the world, in Germany also, New Year is celebrated with much pomp and glory. The merry-making and enjoyment starts from the very eve of New Year (the day before the New Year’s Day), which is called ‘Silvester’ in Germany. It is so called because 31st December is also the feast day of Saint Sylvester, who was a pope of the fourth century.


The Chinese have a unique way of celebrating New Year, where every front door of a house is painted in red which symbolizes happiness and good fortune. They hide all the knives for the day so that no one cuts oneself, because that may actually cut the entire family good luck for the coming year. However that doesn’t make any difference to the feast they have during time.


Brazilians believe that lentils signify wealth and prosperity. So they serve food items made up of the legume like soup or rice on the New Year. On New Year’s Eve, the priestesses dress up in blue and white for an auspicious ceremony celebrated for the water goddess. Also a sacrificial boat filled with jewelery, candles and flowers from the beach of Rio de Janeiro is pushed to the ocean that brings health, wealth and happiness for them.

New Years Eve in Las Vegas

New Years Eve in Las Vegas


New Year is celebrated on a grand scale all over Canada. Generally, New Year’s Eve is a social holiday in the country. Midnight parties steal the show, where people can be seen dancing to the beats of fast music. The major metropolitan cities in Canada, like Toronto and Montreal, have several music shows and firework displays on the occasion, which attract hundreds of tourists from all over the world.

Las Vegas

Excitement in Sin City ratchets up a notch as the clock winds down on another year. Casino resorts up and down the Las Vegas Strip finance remarkable pyrotechnics and laser shows and, in an effort to outdo each other, thrill the tourist hordes.

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