Advice on Choosing Sleeping Bags for Girls

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When shopping for girls sleeping bags for sleepover style, there are 5 things to keep in mind before you purchase, most importantly is size, fabric, warmth, washable and price.

Choosing the right sleeping bag for the trip is arguably one of the hardest decisions to create any globetrotting journey. With so many different choices out there, and all the technical jargon used by the retailers, it easily turns your anticipation for that big trip into a headache. To help ease the strain of finding the right bag, take a look at some of the tips and explanations below.

Advice on Choosing Sleeping Bags for Girls

Advice on Choosing Sleeping Bags for Girls

The first sleepover can be a cause for great excitement. For many girls, this is when they are establishing lifelong friendships and it’s important that everything be perfect. In the pyjamas that they wear to the sleeping bag they possess, everything is given equal importance. Your daughter uses a sleeping bag that reflects her individuality and her preferences. We let you know how to pick sleeping bags for your daughter.

Choosing Sleeping Bags for Girls

While your daughter might want to pick the sleeping bag according to the color and the pattern on it, there are several important things to pay attention to while purchasing a sleeping bag. In this section, we let you know how to choose sleeping bags for girls. Just follow these simple ideas to buy sleeping bags for kids.

  • The very first thing to decide on is the shape of the sleeping bag. Sleeping bags come in three different shapes, Mummy style, Rectangular, and Semi-rectangular.
  • If you are looking for a sleeping bag which will give you high insulation and defense against col, then opt for a Mummy style also is lighter and not as bulky.
  • Rectangular sleeping bags are heavier and do not protect you from cold just as much, but they do allow for extra space, and can be easily unzipped to be used like a blanket.
  • If you are looking for an option that’s somewhere between the two options, then select a semi-rectangular sleeping bag which is not as heavy as well as provides you with more space.
  • You also need to ensure that you buy a sleeping bag that permits you to breathe easy and is water-resistant. Nowadays, you can also avail of sleeping-bags that are more resistant to wear and tear due to the pattern in which they’ve been stitched. Durability is very important while picking out sleeping bags.
  • Opt for sleeping-bags in fabrics that are not very tough but they are comfortable and soft. Even when it is not being used for hiking out, comfort is of prime importance.
  • Try and pick sleeping bags that can be washed in the washing machines easily. It may be a good idea to go for sleeping bags that come with a removable lining because it makes it easier to clean.
  • The positioning from the zipper is also important. With a few sleeping bags, due to side zippers, you’ll be able to open up the sleeping bag completely, but when there is a central zip, this may not be a possibility.
  • Depending on your daughter’s age, you should buy a sleeping bag that is perfect in dimensions. Buy one that will last her for a few years.

Size – The overall length of the sleeping bag is a vital consideration because it will determine it it is the right fit. On the market today, you will find basically three sizes, toddler bags, youth bags, and teen or adult size bags. Dimensions are one of the main factors and you will have to know your child’s height in comparison to the dimensions (length) from the sleeping bag. If it is to long she’ll feel lost it and if it’s to short it will likely be uncomfortable. She won’t feel at ease away from home and she will not obtain a good night rest. Toddler sized bag are created for the age range of 18 months to 3 years old and are 36 inches long. This size is made for toddlers who’re less than 3 feet tall. Youth sized bags are approximately 58 to 66 inches long are made for children who are about 5 feet in height or under. The teen or adult bags are longer at approximately 70 to 75 inches long making for those who are over 5 feet in height. As you can see, size is very important so please browse the labels carefully.

Sleeping Bags for Girls

Sleeping Bags for Girls

Fabric – Since there are literally hundreds of fabrics to choose from if you buying for any teenage (11 to 13 years old) girl they will most likely will need a fun fabric. Go for the intense, fun trendy fabrics. This will make a statement and your girl will like the designs. Make it trendy. You will find fantastic color palates, prints and patterns and designs for kids who are must have the best bag at the slumber party. The textile industry has been doing a wonderful job of creating retro prints, animal prints, mixing and matching of colours and the selection has grown by a lot from previous decades. Girls like soft fabrics so locate a fleece or minky dot linings for your special softness inside. This will make for a warm, cozy and super comfortable bag.

Warmth – Slumber party bags normally are simply for that, indoors and are not sufficiently warm for cold nights outside or backpacking trips. For this type of bag, you will have to seek out the mummy style type bags that are rated for different outdoor temperatures. Most outdoor mummy styles are rated for various degrees of temperatures based on a scoring system. Keep this in mind and review the labels carefully for use outdoors.

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