7 Hottest Summer Vacation Spots Destinations in 2015

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Summer is the time to enjoy vacations, though you need to spend more bucks for family tours. In case you are planning for a summer trip, you must make these destinations top of your list.

Are you planning for a summer vacation in 2015? If you are, then you must be finding a really hard time picking a specific destination with all the attractions and activities taking place around the world. Summer is a great time to get outdoors and explore some of the wonders of nature. This is especially appealing for those planning cheap vacations, last minute vacations, or family vacations. Among the top summer trips for many people are visits to some of the US national parks. There are many options for scenic destinations with plenty of things to do that are still within a short drive of home. The list below is made up of the top 7 must see summer attractions in the world. In case you are planning for a summer trip, you must make these destinations top of your list.

Summer Vacation Spots Destinations

Summer Vacation Spots Destinations

South Beach, Miami

Miami is another favorite summer vacation destination. Imagine spending the summer vacation in a place, which is known as the hub of great parties. The hotels on the South Beach are beautiful and will provide you a comfortable accommodation. Miami also provides a lot of drinking opportunity and enjoying the drinks in the beautiful location will be a great experience.

Kailua Beach Honolulu, Hawaii

A Hawaiian vacation always sounds exciting as Hawaii possesses some beautiful, exotic places to enjoy your holidays. Kailua Beach, Honolulu, which is voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world is a great spot to enjoy your summer vacation. Boasting a tranquil beauty, the place provides you the pleasure of soft, pale sand and clear water. The conditions are also ideal for windsurfing and the best part is that they have special arrangements for novices as well.

Durango, Colorado

If you prefer true outdoor experience, then Durango, Colorado is a nice experience as you will enjoy a new experience of holidaying. However, this is not a place to provide you the typical pampering experience as many other tourist destinations provide. At the Colorado Trails Guest Ranch, one can also enjoy the experience of cabin lodging and community meals. Horseback riding is also popular among the tourists.

Cumberland Island, Georgia

You can make your summer vacation count by visiting the Cumberland Island, Georgia. It is the largest and southern most barrier island off the coast of Georgia. People, fond of nature will love this island as apart from relaxing during your summer holidays you will also be able to visit the nature preserve or witness the isolated 17 miles of beach and turtle population. Moreover, if you want to have the best experience in the island, then Greyfield Inn is the place to stay.

Beijing, China

Beijing is another world’s top attraction that is worth visiting during your 2015 summer vacation. The city is rich in many things among them being its wealth of history. While in Beijing, you get to experience both ancient history and modern history in the likes of Tiananmen Square. Do not forget to visit the Great Wall of China, The Temple of Heaven and Jingshan Park.

Grand Canyon Vacation

Grand Canyon Vacation

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is full of fantastic things for seniors to do. If seniors have a little extra money to spare then try your luck at Paris, Las Vegas Casino you might just win back the money you spent on your summer vacation. The best time to spend is two hours to half a day so that the chances of winning are better and you don’t risk more than you are willing to spend. This casino has more than casino tables, slots and horse racing; it has shops, bars and live performances. The stay and play package relaxation is perfect for seniors and includes a two night stay in a luxury room and $25 credit at Le Cafe du Parc, Le Pool Bar or pool store. Prices start at $63 a night. The best time to travel to Las Vegas is July to October.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has long been a popular family travel destination as one of the country’s most breathtaking views and a natural phenomenon. Here families can relish in the sights as well as find adventure. You can hike one of the national park’s numerous trails, whitewater raft down the Colorado River, or camp in the park‘s campgrounds. You can even take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. If you drive outside of the park, you can go on the Skywalk, which offers the unique experience of walking out over the Grand Canyon.

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