6 Important Tips For Surviving A Long-Haul Flight

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Travelling is awesome. But it sometimes involve taking long and painful flights in economy class to get to our destination. Here are top tips to make your flight more enjoyable.

Long-haul flights are exhausting, stressful, and downright impossible to get through without proper preparation. It is difficult to articulate the misery and the frustration that you have to experience in the flight, which takes you across the globe. Let me make one thing clear; a long flight is not the same, as a flight which you perceive as long. Spanning over 15 hours, these flights make you wonder why you boarded the flight, and makes you think, that you would be happier if you could just take a parachute and jump out. Here are some tips that will make such a long flight a bit easier for you:

How to Survive a Long Haul Flight:

Prepare for Long-haul Flights

Prepare for Long-haul Flights

The Right Seat

If you have an uncomfortable seat, you are doomed! So, it is very important that you book the right seat. If you have a bladder problem, then you should definitely opt for an aisle seat. If you just want to avoid any disturbance from people walking in the aisle, then the window seat will be the best for you. If you are traveling with your kids, then go for bulkhead seats. There are various websites that will help you choose the right seat, so do visit them before you book the tickets. If you are flying first class, then half of your problems are solved.


Do not get drunk and do not carried away with all the free soft drink and juice they’re offering you. The main contributor to jet-lag is dehydration, so it’s very important you drink a lot of water while flying. Whenever you see the flight attendant, ask for another bottle, have water with your meals and snacks too. You’ll notice a huge difference between flights where you’ve gotten wasted and flights where you’ve drunk water consistently throughout, and it won’t just be the in-flight hangover.

Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

Depending on the time of day your flight takes off and the direction you’re flying, it might be bright outside, making it difficult to fall asleep. It’s also challenging to sleep when there’s constant conversation, babies crying and noise from the meal service. Many international carriers give out a free amenity kit that includes these items. If your airline doesn’t offer an eye mask and ear plugs, it’s definitely worth investing in a set.

Sleep Is Important

One thing some passengers do to get through most of their long-haul flight is to sleep through half of it. It seems easier said than done. It can be hard and uncomfortable to sleep on a plane if you aren’t used to it. To help you sleep on the plane, you can do last-minute activities before your flight to tire yourself out. You can also slowly lessen the number of hours you sleep days before your flight so that you can make yourself sleepier. An eye mask and earplugs also go a long way.

Sleep Is Important

Sleep Is Important

Snacks on a Plane

If you’re in economy, food options are limited and it may take a long time to get served. Pack lots of snacks. Granola bars, sports bars and even chocolate bars can be a lifesaver. Trail mix and dried fruit are good too. Watch fresh fruit as it doesn’t travel well and may be taken away if you’ve got a stopover in a foreign country.

Bring Entertainment

Usually, movies don’t start for some time, and the built-in music/movie selection can be quite poor, so bring an iPod (the night before you go away try to download some of the latest songs or movies as it will be more entertainment than the old movies you already have), iPhone, iPad, Gameboy, Nintendo D.S, or CD player. You could also bring a new book that you like or portable game.

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