Best Standing Ab Exercises for people’s

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Listed here are just a few examples of standing exercises that target all of the muscles of the core.

One of people’s major problem areas on the body is the stomach. That’s because for many, fat accumulates around the midsection. Once this begins to happen, it is hard for individuals to lose weight around the core. Most of abdominal exercises require individuals to lie on their back on the ground, which can be uncomfortable especially for people with low back injuries or people who have problems getting up and down from laying position. What most people don’t realize is that you can exercise the abdominals standing up just as much as you can lying down.

Best Standing Ab Exercises for people’s

Best Standing Ab Exercises for people’s

Adding more standing exercises can give you a well-rounded ab routine which makes you strong in every position, whether you’re standing, sitting or laying. The best standing ab exercises calls for moving your body through multiple planes of motion and include movements like bending, rotating and bracing your core. It is also a good idea to include a mixture of both standing and floor exercises hitting all the core muscles for any strong, fit torso.

Listed here are just a few examples of standing exercises that target all of the muscles of the core, such as the rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques, the transverse abdominis and also the lower back muscles. Some Standing Ab Exercises..


If you have a few minutes and no equipment or space, tap into your inner kickboxer. Believe it or not, front and side kicks need a great deal of core strength. Focus on using your abs. The mind-muscle connection helps your abs engage further with every kick. Aim for timed intervals of at least 30 seconds of continuous round-houses per side and repeat for 2 minutes.

Standing Knee Crunches

With feet hip distance apart, crunch your obliques by bringing your left knee and left elbow together. Here, the task is to engage your abs by bringing your knee as much as meet your elbow, not your elbow right down to your know. Feeling the burn and searching for more? Try alternating one round of kicks with one for reds knee crunch.

Saxon Side Bends

Grab a dumbbell, weight plate or something around your house weighing between 5 and 15 pounds. Holding the load above your head with both of your arms slightly bent elbows, side bend up to one side keeping your back straight and avoiding any twist in your torso. From your waist down, the body will be stationary. Remember to breathe with the exercise as you feel your core engaged to create that weight back up over your face and over to the other side.


Start standing together with your feet hip distance apart, having a weight or medicine ball. Holding the load or medicine ball with both of your hands, begin by starting with your weight and both hands next to your left hip. Use your obliques to bring your straight arms and weight diagonally as much as the right side of your body forming one type of the letter “X”. Complete 12-15 repetitions before switching to another side. If you’re a beginner, begin by performing this standing ab exercise without weight.

Aerobic Activity

While specific standing ab exercises target your core, you engage your abs in every movement that has you sitting or standing tall. So, remember that everything you do in the spin room, running the track as well as weighted squats have the hidden advantage of core strengthening without setting up.

Side Knee Crunch

Side knee crunches are another great exercise to target the obliques and help banish the romance handles. Stand with feet hip width apart, with your weight balanced on the left leg. Put your left hand on your hips as well as your right arm straight up in mid-air. Your right foot should be pointing outward, and your leg must have a slight bend in it. Contract your core and slowly raise your right knee up the side of the body while at the same time bringing your right elbow downward so they meet at waist level. Hold for any count of one; then slowly back down. Be sure not to push started with your foot. Perform 15 repetitions; then switch sides. Develop a total of three sets per side.

Standing Sumo Crunch

The sumo crunch is a superb exercise for the oblique muscles. Stand with feet wider than shoulder width apart, together with your toes pointed outward. Reduce until your thighs are parallel using the floor and clasp both hands behind your head. With control, decrease your right elbow as far as you are able to toward your right thigh. Go back to the starting position; then lower left side. Complete three teams of 20 crunches on both sides.

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