FIFA World Cup 2014 – Tickets for World Cup in Brazil

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The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be the 20th FIFA World Cup scheduled to take place between June and July 2014 in Brazil.

The 2014 World Cup is almost here, and you can bet that millions of people across the globe are anticipating the tournament’s opening ceremonies. The planet Cup, after all, is the biggest sports event in the world. This latest edition from the quadrennial competition pits 32 nations against each other and is being held in beautiful, multi-faceted Brazil. Brazil, it ought to be noted, is an extremely soccer-passionate country. You may even say that soccer borders on as being a religion here. The country has won more World Cups than any other nation, and you would have to state that they are favorites to lift the trophy on home soil. Of course, as is the nature of tournaments, the real 2014 World Cup champions won’t be revealed before the final whistle blows. June 12 is when it all kicks off, with everything culminating within the final match at Rio de Janeiro’s famous Maracanã Stadium on July 13.

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Tickets for World Cup in Brazil

FIFA World Cup 2014 – Tickets for World Cup in Brazil

World Cup Tickets

World Cup tickets are the hottest commodities in the sporting world. As such, they tend to command relatively high costs. For soccer fans, the industry of seeing the world’s best players go face to face on such a big stage may be worth the price of admission. Of course, it is commonly more enjoyable when you get to see your home country compete. In case your country is in the World Cup, odds are good that there are ticket packages that revolve around their games. Just remember that because the tournament goes on, teams will start to fall by the wayside. As such, if you actually want to see your team play, it is advisable to get tickets for the early rounds when all teams are playing. Also, because the various teams will be visiting different cities to play their games, anyone who wishes to follow a specific team will also have to do quite a bit of traveling themselves. Thankfully, you will find 2014 World Cup ticket packages that include such things as flights from one Brazil city to a different.

World Cup Flights

While there are plenty of 2014 World Cup ticket packages which include flights within Brazil itself, most don’t include flights to and from the nation. In this case, most foreigners will have to arrange their own Brazil flights. As you may imagine, the price for flights to Brazil throughout the World Cup are fairly pricy and may only be expected to increase in price because the tournament nears. As such, one of the best ways to save some money on World Cup flights would be to purchase them as soon as possible. Where you get to Brazil can also affect the price of your World Cup flight. Sao Paulo may be the main international gateway to Brazil, and flights that get to this sizable metropolis are usually the most affordable. Flying into Brasilia can also be a good way to keep your costs down, though paying extra to land at Rio de Janeiro’s international airport is worth considering if that is your World Cup base.

World Cup Transportation

The size of Brazil is often described using such words as massive and huge. This is actually the world’s fifth largest country, in terms of geographical area and population. The sheer size Brazil presents a challenge for visitors who wish to travel around the country to see World Cup matches in various cities. Only complicating matters may be the all but absolute absence of rail travel in Brazil. This leaves flying or going for a bus as the main way of getting around. Of course, you could also opt to rent a car and driving yourself, but if you aren’t familiar with driving in Brazil and therefore are up for lengthy road trips, this is not recommended. Also, car rentals are very expensive in Brazil. The good news for foreigners who want to fly is the fact that special air passes are available that allow non-Brazilians to take four flights inside the country over a 21-day period. These are offered by Tam, one of Brazil’s domestic airlines. Other domestic airlines in Brazil include Gol and Avianca.

World Cup Hotels

FIFA World Cup 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014

Unless you have a Brazilian friend having a spare couch or something so on, securing accommodations is likely to be your main concerns when traveling to Brazil for that 2014 World Cup. There are two main options with regards to finding Brazil World Cup accommodations. The very first involves choosing just one of the 12 host cities as the base and focusing solely on its hotels and vacation rentals. In other words, you will stay in that city throughout the duration of your trip. The second scenario involves traveling round the country to see matches in various cities, in which case you will also need to find accommodations in additional than one city. The first scenario is easily the most convenient, and many would agree that Rio de Janeiro creates the best overall World Cup travel base. Should you wish to travel around Brazil throughout the World Cup, however, you will find travel packages that already include accommodations, and this can take a lot of stress out of the World Cup planning.

Brazil Attractions

Thanks to the wealth of wonderful attractions in Brazil, those who are traveling to the country for the World Cup may have plenty of options for things to do once they aren’t watching games. In Rio de Janeiro, taking in some sun on the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema is definitely an obvious way to pass time, and those who are headed to Salvador won’t wish to miss the city’s historic center – Pelourinho. In Brasilia, admiring the modernist architecture is a popular pursuit, and those who are going to Manaus can consider adding Amazon adventures for their agendas. Recife, Natal and Fortaleza give Rio de Janeiro a run because of its money in the beach department, so if you’re taking in a match down south in Porto Alegre, you might include a side trip to Iguazu Falls around the itinerary. Basically, if you have the time and the budget, Brazil has enough attractions to help keep you both interested and satisfied for weeks at a time.

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