Meditation Techniques for Sleeping

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Sleep is among the most significant activities that every single human should really do.

Sleep is one of the most basic human needs. Together with food, water and shelter, sleep is definitely an absolute necessity. Sleep deprivation and fatigue are some of the largest health concerns in America today, plus they take a huge toll at work and on the quality of home life. Lots of people turn to drugs to help them fall and remain a sleep, but this usage can result in addiction. This article will give you some tips regarding how to use meditation techniques to fall a sleep safely and naturally.

Meditation Techniques for Sleeping

Meditation Techniques for Sleeping

Sleep is considered the most significant activities that every single human should certainly do. This really is for the reason that the physique is of course reliant on power and stamina. There may be a specific limit to an individual’s power and ability to do perform. In some cases, when one has reached his limit, he’s no longer in a position to carry out perform appropriately. He’s overcome by extreme sleepiness, tiredness and exhaustion, as well as the wonderful desire to doze off on the comfy bed.

Falling A sleep Using Meditation

Start by making sure you are completely ready for bed. There shouldn’t be distractions. Turn on some soothing music, preferably without lyrics. Come out your lights, make yourself comfortable lying on your back and close your eyes.


Any meditation technique uses breathing as a tool to unwind and control your mind. Taking slow, deep breaths in using your nose, then out using your mouth, slowing them from beginning to end, is an excellent way to begin your meditation. Together with your eyes closed, breath in using your nose to the count of 10, hold for 2 seconds, then release using your mouth. Repeat for a minimum of 20 breaths. This will bring you into a state of relaxation.


Decided on a word or syllable. Something simple like “One” is ideal or your can use more traditional mantras like “Ohm”.

Repeat the mantra silently to yourself. You don’t have to mouth it. In fact you don’t have to say it clearly in your mind either. Only a vague impression of the word is okay. Its important not to strain with this particular meditation. No need to make a lot of effort. The term might seem to fade or perhaps be very clear. Either is fine. Take a look at Easy Meditation Attitudes and Mantra Meditation for additional on this.


With your eyes closed, make a warm sun shining in your belly, warming it externally in, and then the warmth spreading outward out of your stomach to your chest and pelvis, then your neck and down your legs, until it radiates up to the ends of your fingers and toes.

The Body Scan

Lie comfortably in bed.. Rest your attention in your toes. Notice how they feel. Could they be warm or cold? Are you able to notice any other sensations. Stick with whatever you find for a while then move your attention slowly using your feet. Notice any sensations on the way. Continue like this through your entire body to the tip of your head. When you get distracted by thoughts just gently bring the mind back to your body.

Float Away

Concentrate on your breathing when you are using imagery. As the sun warms the body, imagine it being full of light, and all the parts of the body growing lighter and lighter, almost floating. You ought to be deep in a state of relaxation now, and coherent thought ought to be slipping away. If anytime you feel yourself being drawn to your body and taken from your meditative state, slow your breathing and picture the color red around the body slowly shifting down to orange, then yellow, then green, then dark blue. This can draw you back into a sleep state.

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