7 Tips For Exercising During Winter Weather

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Do you need exercise tips for winter? As the weather gets colder and the days grow shorter, it may seem difficult to find the motivation to keep up with your exercise program. Try these tips to keep you healthy and motivated all winer long.

Cold, snowy days and icy roads can make it difficult to get outside and exercise during the winter months, especially if you live in a Northern climate. However, with a few tweaks to your usual routine, you can stay in shape despite the cold temperatures. Here, learn about 7 tips for exercising during the winter season.

Exercise Tips for Winter:

Exercise Tips for Winter

Exercise Tips for Winter

Join a Gym or Fitness Center

It can be costly to join a gym or fitness center, but the cost is worth it if it keeps you healthy and away from the doctor’s office. Join a gym or fitness center close to home, and you can run on the track or use the pool, even when the ground is covered in snow.

Climb the Stairs

If there is a set of stairs in your house, they can provide you with the tools to complete a full workout. Climbing up the stairs is a total body workout. In fact, researchers for an April 2000 edition of Preventive Medicine found that climbing just 6 flights of stairs per day could reduce heart rate and increase levels of healthy HDL cholesterol among women who were previously sedentary. Get a full workout and increase your calorie burn by challenging yourself to climb up and down the stairs 10 times at once. Do three sets of this workout in the same day to really challenge yourself.

Use a Weighted Jump Rope

Jumping rope burns serious calories. Jumping rope with a weighted rope increases your calorie burn even further, and it also strengthens and tones your arms. You can easily jump rope inside the comfort of your own home on a snowy winter day. You can find a weighted jump rope at a mass merchandiser like Walmart or Target for under $20.

Take Up Downhill Skiing

Head to the slopes for some downhill skiing, and you can burn off major calories. In fact, a 130 pound woman will burn about 500 calories after an hour of downhill skiing. When you are bundled up and having a blast, you won’t even notice the freezing temperatures!

Update Your Winter Wardrobe

You can beat the cold temperatures with spandex pants and warm running jackets. It may still be freezing outside, but you will be more comfortable with the proper attire. Treat yourself to a few winter running outfits, and then head outdoors for some exercise. Promise yourself a hot bath after your workout is finished.

Jog or Brisk Walk with a Buddy

Start with a brisk walk. If you feel the urge and have the energy, continue with a heady jog. Doing this with a buddy is best, especially if you’re old or not used to exercising in inclement weather. Besides being safer, the miles will go a lot faster and easier with a buddy. If you can’t find a buddy to go with you, walk or jog in a nearby circular track or route. That way, if you need to stop, you’ll never be far from home.

Other Tips

Take Up Downhill SkiingLayer Up

Many cold weather outdoor exercise enthusiasts make the mistake of dressing too warmly, according to the Mayo Clinic. Because exercise generates heat, you could feel up to 30 degrees F warmer than the outdoor temperature, once you get going. But when you start to slow down and the sweat on your body begins to dry, you can begin to feel chilled. One solution is to dress in layers and remove them as you need to. The first layer should be something made of polypropylene, which draws sweat away from your body. Fleece makes a good second layer, as it provides insulation, and the third layer should be something waterproof.

Good Shoes

Depending on the activity, make sure that you’re wearing the proper footwear to avoid falls. If you’re going for a walk, make sure that your shoes or boots have a good tread on them to avoid slipping. You can also spread sand, rock salt, or cat litter on high traffic areas to increase traction for you and your neighbors.

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