7 Stretches Exercise To Boost Your Energy At Your Office

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How many hours do you spend sitting at a desk per day? If you’re like most people, it’s probably a good chunk of time! Unfortunately, sitting for prolonged periods of time can lead to imbalances in your body that cause poor posture. Here are 7 simple stretches you can do while sitting to improve your mind and body.

Are you bound to your desk for most of the day? Walking from your house to the car and then from the car to your office, is it the only exercise you get? Sitting down all day does nothing for your fitness and you’re stressed up, Hunching the shoulders and slumping in your seat can cause back pain, headaches, tension and tightness in your back, neck and shoulders. The following stretches target the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders as well as the hips and glutes. Taking time to do some of these stretches throughout the day can help increase flexibility and reduce tension and stress. In this article follwing these simple office exercises can help you stay fit and help you lose weight.

Office Exercise for the Whole Body

Best Stretching Exercises at Office

Best Stretching Exercises at Office

Sitting Side Bends

Sit at the edge of your chair holding a 1 liter water bottle with both hands. Now raise the bottle above your head keeping your hands straight. Turn your torso to the right as much as possible and hold it for 6 seconds. Come back to the starting position and twist your torso to left as far as possible, hold for 6 seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat it 6 times at a stretch. It is the best exercise to lose weight without giving much effort.

Sitting Abs Twist

The abs twist is an amazing exercise to lose weight while sitting at your desk. Position yourself near the edge of the chair keeping your back straight and hold the bottle horizontally with both hands near your chest, now twist your body to right as much as you can, hold it for 5 seconds and return to the starting position. Now repeat the same on the left. This makes one repetition. Repeat it 5 to 6 times at a stretch.

Back Stretch

Doing side bends, you can give your back a much needed stretch. Sit straight up at the edge of your chair, Stretch your arms above your head, and interlace the fingers. Lean to one side and hold the position, then rotate to the other side and hold the position. Repeat this process for a few times for a good stretch.

Palm Stretch

This exercise can be performed either sitting or standing. Sit straight with your arms extended in front of you and palms facing up, now hold top of your right palm with your left hand and pull the fingers inward. Hold it for 30 seconds and release. Repeat it with the other arm. This makes one repetition. Repeat it 5 to 6 times at a stretch to relieve stiffness of the fingers and wrist.

Simple Office Chair Stretch

Simple Office Chair Stretch

Leg Pull

For this, Stand facing your desk and you can use your desk for balance. Bend one leg and pull up on the leg from a little above the ankle. Pull up towards the buttocks until you feel a good stretch, and hold for a few seconds. Repeat a few times on each leg.


If your office is in a building with some stairs, you can also climb stairs during a break. Climbing stairs gets you physically away from the desk and can help clear your mind as well as get your heart rate going.

Neck Exercises

The pressure of desk work is felt the most by our neck and shoulder muscles, and it is important to take proper care of the neck to avoid spondylitis and neck pain. These simple exercises to relieve neck pain can help in treating stiffness of the neck and shoulder.

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