Outdoor Fun Fall Activities for Kids

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To allow your kids to experience the true beauty of fall, engage in any of the outdoor fall activities mentioned here, and have a great time.

The weather is getting cooler, indicating the arrival of the much awaited fall. The leaves are slowly changing color, becoming brighter, and offering a rare beauty that is not seen or experienced at any other time of the year. Why then, must your little ones sit indoors, when there are such great Outdoor activities that can have them enjoy the best of nature combined with a whole lot of fun. Accompany them in these different tasks, and have them perceive the beauty of the outdoors during fall in a completely unique manner.

While having your little ones perform any of the following activities, ensure that you or someone is around for supervision. Some of these activities cannot be performed without the help of an adult, and to prevent any bitter occurrences, ensure that there is someone who is keeping a watch.

Fall Activities for Kids

Fall Activities for Kids

Carving Pumpkins

Pumping carving is a quintessential autumn tradition. Displayed on the doorstep for Halloween night, this decoration adds a nice touch to the holiday season. There are myriad pumpkin varieties available, and it is best to select pumpkins based on the desired design. They should also be ripe, with uniform color and no bruises, cuts, or nicks.

Leaf Peeping

The green leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs change into brilliant colors for a few short weeks during the autumn season. View and photograph the beautiful fall foliage by traveling to areas where leaves change colors to beautiful reds, yellow, purples, and browns. For a great view, use binoculars to see details from far distances.

Arts and Crafts

Fall is a great time for making fun arts and crafts with things such as acorns, leaves, and pinecones. To make a pinecone bird feeder, simply spread peanut butter on a pinecone and cover it with birdseed. Hang it from a tree, and watch the birds flock. Other autumn themed arts and crafts that are easy for kids to assemble include a leaf mobile with leaves and sticks or an autumn wreath.

Fall Games

The cooler temperatures and changing colors make Outdoor fall games tons of fun.

Bobbing for Apples

If you have several children at your house, why not have an old-fashioned apple bobbing contest? Fill a large bucket or tub with water and delicious, red apples and set it on a picnic table. Let each child try to catch an apple with his teeth. Be sure you supervise the children, never leaving them alone with the bucket of water.

Pumpkin Roll

Give each child a pumpkin, and see who can reach the finish line first by rolling his pumpkin across the lawn with his feet. Alternatively, if you live in a hilly area, place some round pumpkins at the top of a gentle slope and watch them roll down. Younger children can also take turns following the pumpkins’ path by rolling through some leaves.

Outdoor Fall Games

Outdoor Fall Games

Leaf Maze

If you have plenty of trees in your yard, try holding off on the raking until the leaves have all fallen. Create a maze for children to meander through by raking the leaves into a maze of paths across your yard. Place a small prize such as a lollipop in the center to spur them on through the trails.

Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course by either setting up items in the yard, such as cans, boxes, and hula hoops, or by using the items already in your yard, like swing sets, trees, bushes, and outdoor furniture. Be sure and tell the kids the order of the obstacles (you can label them if you like). Then, time the kids to see who can travel over the course the fastest.

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