Great Ideas for Family Camping In The Rain

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Rainy weather and camping tend to be considered bad combination. However, it need not be if you're well prepared. Take a look at our tips for camping in the rain:

Camping is always an exciting experience, however the weather does not always cooperate. If you’re camping in the rain, you will need to keep the tent and bedding dry. It’s very easy to get sick and suffer from hypothermia when it is raining, so you need to keep yourself dry and warm, as well.

Tips for Camping in the Rain

Tips for Camping in the Rain

One reality of fall camping is you are likely to run into at least a couple of hours of rain. Camping in the rain can be a really enjoyable experience, provided you are taking the proper steps to ensure that you and your family are prepared. Here are some tips for planning to camp in the rain.

See our article on Rainy day camping fun for lots of great ideas of how to have fun when it’s raining.

Keeping Your Tent Dry

It is important that you keep your tent dry while it’s raining. While you are setting your tent up, you need to look for a flat spot that isn’t in the low point of a slope. You should also have a rain fly placed on the tent. To prevent condensation from forming on the inside walls of your tent while it is raining, you will need to keep your tent well ventilated.


If you heed no other words of my advice, know this: tarps are the best friend when it rains. Whenever we were tent campers, we always place a large tarp under our tent before we . And, if rain was possible, we would put another over our tent. Consequently, we stayed far drier than our friends who didn’t make use of a tarp. We also use tarps to pay for anything left outside overnight – chairs, grill, etc.- so that they aren’t wet in the morning. If you have a little bit of rope, something to attach it to, and some stakes, you can also craft another dry shelter with a few tarps. Definitely much needed for everyone’s sanity!

Great Ideas for Family Camping In The Rain

Great Ideas for Family Camping In The Rain

Waterproof Bags

During the summer you will get away with suffing your clothes and belongings in to the bottom of a backpack and forgetting about them. Come fall, however, it’s guaranteed that the one leak in the tent will be directly onto wherever your clothing is stored. Make sure they’re in a waterproof bag.

Hot Drinks

Nothing shakes the damp chill quicker than the usual steaming cup of coffee, tea or cocoa. A Thermos® bottle will help you to keep beverages (or water) hot during the night, so you don’t even have to wait around the fire in the morning.

Camp Shoes

Nothing enables you to colder, quicker, than wet feet, so pack extra socks and two “camp shoes” that you can wear around the campsite, while your family shoes or boots are drying out from the day’s activities.

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