7 Best Places Outdoor Activities in Honolulu, Hawaii

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Things to do in Honolulu include many activities, Honolulu can be found at the Hawaii state of America.

Honolulu, like famous cities in Hawaii, offers one of the most popular destination during this time of the year. A major hub for international business, military defense, as well as famously being host to a diverse variety of east-west and Pacific culture, cuisine, and traditions, Honolulu provides the tourists and locals wonderful and fun-filled outdoor activities that makes it a promising haven for those who love adventure and fun. Best Outdoor Activities in Honolulu, Hawaii summarizes some interesting places to visit for adventure-lovers out there.

Honolulu Outdoor Activities:

Honolulu Outdoor Activities

Honolulu Outdoor Activities

Honolulu Zoo

Nestled on the shores of Waikiki Beach, the Honolulu Zoo lets you get wild in African savannas, tropical rain forests and a children’s zoo. Face komodo dragons, Sumatran tigers and Asian elephants.

Ala Wai Golf Course

Tee off on the beautiful fairways of the Ala Wai Golf Course along the canal. This 18-hole, par-70 course is sporty and flat with views of Diamond Head, the Koolau mountains, and Waikiki skyline.

Diamond Head

Diamond Head is a volcanic tuff cone that is known for being the defining feature of Waikiki. It is a United States State Monument and a popular destination because of the crater’s proximity to Honolulu’s resort hotels and beaches. A steep hike up its edges leads anyone to breathtaking views.

Waikiki Beach

It is one of the most recognized Oahu beaches and spots in the world where you get plenty of opportunities to try activities like surfing, snorkeling, canoe paddling, sand combing and so on.

Hanauma Bay

Famed for its amazing fish and marine life, the Hanauma Bay is the perfect spot to go snorkelling. The bay is home to a wide variety of species including the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa or better known as the Hawaiian state fish, trumpet fish, anggel fish and many more.

Makapuu Point Trail

Another must-visit is the Makapuu Point Trail that offers magnificent view of the O’ahu’s southern coastline, windward coast and offshore islets and the historic red-roofed Makapu’u Lighthouse. For tourists wanting a glimpse of the humpback whales, the trail is an excellent place to see them migrating in season which is November- May.

Makapuu Point Trail

Makapuu Point Trail

Ocean Sports

Hawaii is one of the world’s headquarters when it comes to surfing and other ocean water sports. The climate is great, the water is cool but not too cold, and the waves, depending on which beach you go to, can range from small to huge. The north shore of Oahu is especially famous as one of the world’s greatest surfing destinations, but right in Honolulu you’ll find some great spots to surf, bodyboard, stand up paddleboard, or any other ocean sport you’re interested in.

Best Time To Visit Honolulu

Warm and humid throughout the year, Honolulu’s real weather determinant is the rainfall. Contrary to expectations, rains are much more frequent during the Winter. So when to visit Honolulu? Well, every time is the best time. It’s cheapest (you’ll find the best hotel) deals April – June, and September – December.

How To Reach Honolulu


By Plane: Hononulu International Airport – served by most American airlines and various Pacific ones. The Airport Waikiki Express ($9) is a quick trip to hotels in Waikiki, and leaves in every 30 minutes.
City Buses also run between the airport and the city ($2.50), though you better have the exact change. Flights to Honolulu are usually expensive.
By Ships: These travel very frequently between Honolulu Harbour and the USA Mainland, and are practically part of the attractions of Honolulu.

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