Top 7 Affordable Christmas Gifts for Boys of All Ages

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Choosing Christmas presents for the little ones in your life should be a magical experience.

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that boy in your life? These toys and other item are topping the wish lists of kids everywhere. Whether you’re shopping for a son, nephew, little brother, cousin, or grandson, there’s something on this list that is age-appropriate for your little boy on your holiday shopping list. Read on to see which toys have been in high demand this holiday season.

Christmas Gifts for Boys of All Ages

Christmas Gifts for Boys of All Ages

Digital camera

A fun Christmas gift for a boy can be a digital camera along with a year’s subscription of a photography magazine. Rather than the magazine subscription, you can even throw in a free photography course, that will definitely get the creative juices flowing. To have an older boy, get a photographer to provide him a few hours of on the job training.

Leapfrog LeapBand

Starting off the holiday gifts 2014 is that this must have Leapfrog LeapBand in green, blue and pink that isn’t only one of the best Christmas gifts 2014 for boys but is another bestselling item for 2014 for children so this is sure to be a hit this Christmas. Childhood obesity is becoming a big problem which is not only the first ever activity tracker created only for kids but is also a fun method of getting kids to become more active with 50 challenges, fun games in addition to a customizable pet pal.

Among its many features to help kids become more active and healthy inside a fun way are 10 imaginative and active play challenges in addition to 4 cool down challenges. It enables kids to earn energy points and unlock rewards to be active. Up to 8 pets could be unlocked as points are earned.

Video Games

Video games are a favorite among kids of every age group. Think of what they would like, buy something that will entertain but avoid buying violent games. Search for educational video games. Buy them a Nintendo or PSP console or Xbox 360 games like Kung Fu Panda and Spider Man: Friend or Foe. You will notice them smile their distance to the virtual world that video games create.

Electronic Toy Violin for kids

Introduce these to the arts at an early age by letting them practice on this toy violin for children. This 16-inch realistic toy plays 25 tunes and includes batteries. Buy for ages 3 year and also over.

Electronic Toy Violin for kids

Electronic Toy Violin for kids

MP3 player

Give him an MP3 player along with a assortment of audio books. Let the titles from the audio books be varied. Should you include music, make sure that together with his favorite bands or musicians, you include some music that he may not have heard before.

Moustache Smash

Moustache Smash is a straightforward matching game. Each player holds a mustache before their face, and must attempt to smash their mustache down onto an identical card. It’s a fast-paced game that’s always challenging. If you prefer a game that’s good clean fun, this can be a new game worth snagging for someone’s Christmas gift.

Fault Within our Stars DVD

The book has probably been in a lot of Christmas lists, specifically for teens. But this year it which moved millions of readers to tears is made into a film and we are betting you will see plenty of girls who want to get hold of it.

This is the story of two teens who met in a cancer support group and it is inspired by a real life teenage cancer sufferer. Be ready to weep.

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