Hawaiian Luau Party Games For Adults

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These Hawaiian luau games will have everyone laughing and having a blast at your luau before you know it.

Hawaiian Luau Party Games for a great birthday party idea or theme. Check out the great range of games to be played. Check out the Carnival Games for children or even the other adult games available, there are so many to choose from.

Musical Beach Towels

Escape the beach towels, some beach themed music, and allow the fun begin! Aloha Friends Luau suggests this variation on musical chairs. Turn the music on and allow the guests walk around before the music stops. Everyone should make a dash for any beach towel; the one who aren’t able to find one sits the next complete. Take a beach towel away and switch the music on again. The party guest who seems to steal a spot on the last remaining beach towel wins a prize.

Hawaiian Luau Party Games For Adults

Hawaiian Luau Party Games For Adults

Beach Themed Beanbag Toss

The beanbag toss is really a hit at any party, whether you are hosting kids or adults. Buy a beach themed beanbag toss from someplace such as the Oriental Trading Co. You also can make one of your own from the large piece of cardboard with holes cut out. Decorate around each hole, making the opening the mouth of a fish or even the bubble from a wave. You can make beanbags with strong Ziploc bags full of rice or beans. Hawaiian luau party guests can enjoy in teams against each other, or on their own.

Luau Photo Props & Booth

Help your guests document their fun by establishing a fun luau photo booth. Provide lots of tropical costumes and props, for example leis, grass skirts, beaded necklaces, shells, coconuts, sunglasses, and much more. Take the photos in front of a Hawaiian background or a colorful cloth having a tropical pattern. Send your friends and relatives their photos after the party.

Luau Beer Pong

Make use of a floating luau beer pong table for a little fun within the water. To play, put disposable cups full of water or beer in the beer pong table holes. Divide into teams of two and find out which team can make the most shots. This can even be a fun game for kids if played without alcohol.

Luau Music

Hawaiian Luau Party Games For Adults

Hawaiian Luau Party Games For Adults

Make sure to have some tropical tunes playing in the background. You could even let your guests try their hand at playing their very own Hawaiian tunes by aiming a ukulele and Hawaiian drums to experience for a fun activity. Open up a dance floor and let your guests dance the hula. An additional fun touch would be to hire some real hula dancers in the future in for a demonstration and lesson.

Spear Throwing

See which of your Hawaiian “warriors” can toss a spear or dart striking a watermelon target. You can even decorate the watermelon to resemble a pig for a fun touch! Just be careful to make sure that this is inside a contained area and well supervised for safety.

Rolling Stones

Farmville is inspired by an old Hawaiian game and is played much like horseshoes. To experience, set up a small post in the earth. Each player chooses a stone and tosses it in the post. Whoever is closest to the post wins!

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