5 Awesome Indoor Birthday Party Games for Boys

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These indoor games are useful in keeping the kids engaged and to enhance the fun quotient of a birthday party.

Planning to throw a birthday party for the kids. Why not be a little more creative and think beyond balloons, streamers and matching plates. To create a kids birthday party a huge hit, what is required is a few thought for the birthday party games or activity’s. This will not only keep your guests engaged but it will be fun and your party will certainly become a memorable event.

Planning a fun boy’s birthday party can be a challenge. Boys are bored easily, so it’s important to create indoor birthday party games that engage the boys and utilize their naturally high energy level. The best part about boy birthday party games is that they can be played without spending a ton of money or time in preparation. List of some entertaining games for such an event can be found in the paragraphs below.

Indoor Birthday Party Games for Boys

Indoor Birthday Party Games for Boys

Alphabet Charade Games

Charades is one of the best indoor birthday party games for kids alike, and six year old boys love playing animal charades. Without peeking, have one of the boys pull a magnetic alphabet letter out of a bag, and ask him to act out an animal that begins with that letter. The other boys at the indoor birthday party must guess the type of animal he is pretending to be. The first boy to guess the correct animal in this fun indoor birthday party game gets to choose a letter and act out the next animal.

Freeze Dance

This is one of the best games you can have for a boys’ birthday party. Children just love this activity with all the dancing and music involved. For playing this game you would require enough space for kids to dance. This is because all the participants will have to dance together and not one-by-one. You can think about playing any music piece for this game. However, being a kids’ party, choose one that interests them. In this game, kids have to dance when the music is played on. They have to stop dancing immediately after the music is switched off. Not only the dancing should be stopped, but also the participants have to freeze in their respective positions. Any player who moves after the music stops is disqualified. The game continues with remaining players and the cycle continues. The player who survives till the last round wins the game.

Sock Mania

In this game, the children compete against one another, two players at a time. Have the kids sit on the floor, and then place a giant pile of socks between them. The kids will race to see who can put the most pair of socks on their feet in a single minute. Allow each player to have one pair of socks at the ready, and then blindfold them before they begin. Count the number of socks after the minute is up, and then begin the next race. Winners can ultimately play against one another to determine who wins the grand prize.

Cereal Bingo Games

Bingo is another one of the best indoor birthday party games for six year old boys, but ordinary bingo is not nearly as fun as cereal bingo. Instead of using plastic bingo chips, use cereal shapes. Do not buy bingo cards. Consider printing them using these fantastic links for printable bingo games. Be sure to have a bowl of extra cereal for munching on during these fun birthday party games for six year old boys. When the indoor birthday party games are over they can eat the game pieces.

Cereal Bingo Games

Cereal Bingo Games

Animal Sounds

This game turns out to be full of fun and enjoyment if you are arranging a party for kids. You can have as many participants as possible for this game and which makes it interesting. Making sounds of animals is the main activity in this game. Elders can do the task of assigning different names of animals to different kids. The game is best played when you have enough participants in order to assign one animal name to say, 2-3 kids. Now, let us understand how this game is played. Children have to make sounds of animals they are a role playing. The task assigned to players in this game is to identify the players (2-3) who makes the same sound. Participants making the same sound have to find their respective partner as soon as possible. Since, there would be about 2-3 players making sound of the same animal, hearing them over the noise created by other players is challenging; such a situation also adds to the fun. Boys would definitely enjoy this game of animal sounds.

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