2015 New Year’s Eve Party Games for kids and adults

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New Year's Eve you want to do something different. Try some of these party games for a fun filled evening.

New Year’s Eve is a time to gather family and friends together to ring within the new year. Including some games towards the night’s festivities is a great method to break the ice and ensure that your guests have a fun time counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds before the clock strikes midnight. Here are some games you can play throughout the New Year Party:

New Year’s Trivia

New Years Eve Party Games

New Years Eve Party Games

Games for example New Year’s charades gets the energy going and also the crowd involved. Team members alternate acting out memorable era of the given year and then try to get their teammates to guess correctly. Creating trivia questions from popular culture is better than going with obscure questions. Also try this is scramble trivia. It involves showing teams the solution to a trivia question scrambled up and providing them up to three clues to guess the solution.


Make it a New Year’s Eve version of charades by acting out popular song, book or movie titles, events, or people who made the news during the year. Divide the group into two teams and see how long each round will be. Have each team brainstorm and write what they are called of the things to be acted out. Have them write each one on a small sheet of paper and put them in a New Year’s Eve Hat. The first person chooses a paper in the opposite team’s bowl and acts the name or phrase. Remember – no talking allowed! Just the team of the person acting out attempts to guess. If the timer beeps before the correct answer is guessed, no point is earned. It is now another team’s turn. Alternate turns between teams and also the one who guesses the most correctly wins.

Park Bench

With this adult New Year’s Eve game you have to move two chairs together and also have a lot of imagination. Pretend these chairs really are a New York City park bench. The object of the game is to do anything you can to make the person next to you move off of the park bench. For instance, if you were sitting on one seat and a stranger came up to you and began hugging you, you would probably leave. Whenever you succeed in making the person leave the seat, you progress to that seat and it’s the following person’s turn.

Bouncing Ball Drinking Game

Have everyone sit inside a circle with their drink in hand. You do need an IMAGINARY ball. The rules are simple but seem to have more confusing as the game progresses. Someone must start the game by saying among the following words: whiz, bounce or boing. Whiz means the ball progresses to the next player. Bounce means the ball skips the following player and moves on towards the following person. Boing means the ball hits the wall and switches direction. The penalty for just about any error is taking a drink. Please only bet additional numbers this game only if you are NOT driving. Make sure to drink responsibly.

New Year’s Eve Countdown

With this game, you will place a note by having an activity written on it in the balloon. Have a balloon for every hour of the party. Pop a balloon every hour until midnight and also have your guests do what it says to complete at that hour. Some activities to include on the notes are dance to music, play a game title, and sing a song.

New Year's Eve Countdown

New Year’s Eve Countdown

Volley Balloon

People of every age group can participate in this fun game. To play, hit the balloon back and forth for an opposing team while linked to an arm of a partner. Have your friends and relatives divide into teams of two and tie one arm of every player to another. Whatever team volleys the balloon for the longest amount of time is the winner.

Another twist on this game would be to have the teams race to some finish line while volleying a balloon in the air. If the balloon hits the floor, the team must return to the start line and start over again.

Make Memories

New Year’s Eve is the best time to begin a new year with family and friends while making memories which will last a lifetime. Including a few fun games for your party will break the ice and obtain your guests socializing with one another. You may make your party an annual tradition which will have your guests excited every year to play games and have a chuckle.

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