How to Wash Sweater Dresses to Maintain Its Shape and Shine

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Wearing stylish and trendy sweaters is the best moment in fall. season. But if they look dull and floppy, it becomes an instant turn-off. Today we shall exclusively talk about how to take care of your fancy knitwear and sweater dresses that keep them new and in the best condition.

Although the general instructions for washing the garment are already mentioned on the tag, however, you need to be gentle to avoid fabric damage.

Certainly, each sweater dress fabric is different and you cannot wash them like you wash the casual clothing. So let’s find out the right way to wash different fabric sweater dresses.

Washing of cotton sweater dresses

The cotton sweater dress is one of the most common and loved trend sweater styles. Therefore, it’s easy to wash it. You just have to prepare the lukewarm soapy solution and dip your sweater dress in it. Gently rub it and scrub where the stains are heavy. Rinse it with water and wash the dirt out.

Washing of Cashmere and wool Sweater Dresses

For delicate and light sweater dresses you need to be careful of hand rubbing. Avoid using a washing machine when you are washing the cashmere sweater dress so that it does not get damaged or shabby from anywhere. Hand-washing would keep the dress new and it would be less likely to get reshaped. Also, make sure to use the mild detergent and let the dress air-dry.

Merino Wool sweater dresses

If you have purchased the latest trend sweater 2023, you certainly don’t want to ruin it by washing it. Besides, merino wool has a specific way of washing that demands the highest temperature-to-weight ratio. 

To keep the softness and superior texture maintained, make sure the proportion is well-measured. The key to washing a Merino wool sweater dress is not to twist the fabric. It might ruin its shape. Carefully read the detergent instructions on the sweater dress tag!

Lambswool sweater dresses

The lambswool sweater dress is yet another popular and commonly worn winter item. For its proper washing and cleaning, unlike regular woolen garments, you should not put your lambswool sweater dresses into the dryer and washing machine.

Make sure to hand-wash the dress. For best washing use cold water and choose the suitable washing detergent with less than 7 pH level. Do not wring or twist the dress and before air-drying, stretch the corner of the garments a bit to maintain its shape.

How often should I wash my sweaters?

There is no specific rule on that. You should wash the sweater whenever it gets dirty. However, if you don’t find apparent dirt on the sweater dress, it is recommended to wash your knitwear after wearing it. It will also help you to avoid permanent stains and yellowness on the fabric.

How to remove stains the fancy sweater dress

Fancy and latest sweater dress that features delicate patterns, tassels, or other aesthetics should be dealt with care.

And if there is a strain on the fabric make 100% sure to clean it with extra attention. For that, clean the strands separately before washing the whole garment. Just dab the solution (stain remover) with a cloth instead of using a hard brush.

You can clean the strain as many times as needed to ensure proper stain removal.  It is important to make mild hand movements when cleaning and washing the sweater or else you may end up damaging the wool or the shape of the sweater dress.

How to avoid sweater damage

Drying your sweater in the drying is the killer. It will shrink the fabric and it would be hard to retain its real shape afterwards. You can also use the dryer sheets once you have washed your winter knit dress to avoid static. The tag on the dress would further guide you on the best way of washing with zero damage.

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