The Best Remodeling Ideas for Your Small Bathroom

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When it comes to remodeling a small bathroom, you may feel that you will need to make some sort of compromise as far as the necessities, storage, and the illusion of space.

Remodeling a small bathroom may seem like a challenging task, but with planning and knowledge it can be quite simple. Gathering information by looking through home decorating books can give you an idea of how you would like to remodel the bathroom.

Small bathroom remodeling ideas

Small bathroom remodeling ideas

Small bathrooms should be designed with purpose and organization in order to function well and look good. Here are some Small bathroom remodeling ideas to help you personalize and repair your current bathroom renovation. Before you look through these bathroom remodel pictures and get inspired, think about how you use your own small bathroom and what is most important to you. Then you can choose your small bathroom design style and create an efficient space of your own. Some may choose to focus on a large countertop for styling tools, while others find more purpose with a specious shower or designer tiles. While small bathroom remodels can seem daunting, remember that you are saving money because less materials are needed to complete the space, due to its smaller square footage.

Tips To Remodel Small Bathroom:

Maximize Space

To maximize space in your small bathroom, you can replace the bath tub with a large shower and install a wall-hung sink and toilet. This will bring out a lot of space. Do not install double sinks, as they require more legroom and mostly look cumbersome. Remove the clutter from your bathroom, to make it look spacious. Another idea is to install pocket doors to open up space, otherwise required for the bathroom door to open. Install glass cabinets for storing medicine etc.

Choose The Right Color

Choose the Right color for your bathroom. Remember the general rule, dark shades give a smaller look to the room, whereas light colors create an illusion of space. So, if you have a small bathroom, you can choose a color from a wide range of pastels, neutral shades or whites. Light colors not only make a room look open and spacious, but also make it look serene. If it is a girl’s bathroom, shades of pink always work. On the other hand, blue can be a dependable option for a boy’s bathroom. Make sure you hire a professional like Quality Exterior Services to do the paint project correctly. They can help you decide which color and paint would be right for your home.


Changing the flooring in a small bathroom can change the look of the entire room. A small floor area is cheaper to remodel and takes much less time to complete. Ceramic tile, laminate flooring, linoleum and vinyl flooring are all good options for a small bathroom; each one is durable and resists moisture better than other flooring options.

Corner Vanity

Using space like the corner for the vanity and sink is wise in a Small bathroom renovation. Corner space is usually wasted or ignored, but the sink works just as well when placed in this configuration, and it frees up room for more storage or a larger shower where the traditional vanity would have been placed.

Small bathroom floor tiles

Small bathroom floor tiles


Mirrors create an illusion of space. The reason being, more light is reflected with mirrors which makes a room look larger naturally. If possible, cover an unused wall of your bathroom with mirrors, this will automatically make it look bigger. You can either go for one huge mirror or a combination of various small ones, giving it an arty look. If there is enough space for two mirrors, you could put two of them on the opposite walls of the bathroom, thus creating an illusion that your bathroom is endless. Before putting up a mirror, keep in mind the object that it is going to reflect. If it is reflecting a cabinet, it will not be as visually appealing as a mirror across a window would look.

Shower Curtain

Using a shower curtain can help a bathroom feel larger because opening it will literally create more space when needed, and it functions when you use the shower Finding double purposes for anything you can is crucial when styling a smaller bathroom.

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