Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas For Your Roof

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Check out our guide to outdoor Christmas lights for house and roof for some great ideas on how to display your festive spirit.

Outdoor Christmas Lights is definitely an environmentally friendly method to make a joyful vacation turn to your home’s outside. You’ll have as entertaining as you enjoy, as well as your creative decorating is not going to cause a rise . In addition to this, no carbon emissions are caused by solar lights in their functioning, so that they help the surroundings.

Outdoor Christmas Lights that’s solar adds sparkle for your own shrubbery. There are a number of layouts just like a solar casing spotlight, which were created to shift colours, of solar lights. This light flashes from blue to green to red, which makes it an ideal accompaniment to your own Christmas display that’s solar.

Designs on the Roof

Christmas Light Decorating Ideas

Christmas Light Decorating Ideas

The flat part of your roof is a great place to add Christmas designs with lights or pre-made fixtures. Air blowup decorations are lightweight choices to add to your roof. However, they require a secure fastening system to avoid getting blown away by strong wind gusts. Anchor these decorations by tying on the display with a strong rope that is ran all the way to the ground level.

Air blowup decorations are available in a variety of styles and popular characters for example Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, Santa Claus, SpongeBob SquarePants, and snowmen. It’s a good idea to turn the decoration off throughout the late night/daytime hours to prevent burn out of the blower.

Clear Lights on the Roof

First up is the traditional, classic look for roof lights. By using clear C9 outdoor Christmas lights, we are able to outline your home in a nice, warm glow. In the end typically advocate for Leds, C9 bulbs are big enough to be seen in the road – it’s all about the right tool for the job. Wrapping mini-lights around columns and railings in your yard can easily complete this look. You can add a pop of colour by utilizing multi-coloured lights around the foliage on your lawn.

Colorful Lights

Multicolor or solid colored C9 lights create a stunning impression lining the home. Create retro or visually powerful lighting effects with colored LED lights. Also try this for decorating a roof with color lights includes placing bulbs in sockets in single, double, or even triple color pattern sequence.

Theme Lights

Multicolor C9 bulbs may be used with stringers in any combination, like green and blue or blue and white theme lights. Stringers could be customized with bulbs of your choice to celebrate any type of festivity for example sporting events, holidays, and more.

White LED Lights

Popular outdoor Christmas light ideas for the roof include clear C9 Christmas lights, with bulbs big enough to be seen in full color in the road. Invest in long lasting, economical white LED lights to save on power for years to come, while creating an elegant holiday glow.

Candy Cane Christmas Roof Lights

Get creative with lighting the roof, using red and cool white LED bulbs, or red and clear incandescent lights on the roof. Secure C9 bulbs along the roof within an alternating pattern.

Candy Cane Christmas Roof Lights

Candy Cane Christmas Roof Lights

Red / Green Christmas Roof Lights

Select a red and green light theme for your household this season to bring festivity and holiday cheer towards the neighborhood. Outline the roof and windows with C9 green and red bulbs. For more fun, give a white bulb to the mix.

Traditional Icicle Lights

Icicle lighting is available in long and short drops. Long drop icicle lights can differ in length up to 24″. Use icicles on rooflines to have an elegant icy appearance, choosing clear incandescent or warm or cool white LED lights.

C9 bulbs vs. C7 bulbs

Would you like a larger or smaller C bulb? The bigger size of the C9 bulb results in a visual impact to draw focus on your house, and C9 is ideal for two story and bigger homes. If you have a smaller house or are thinking about creating a subtle light display, you might want C7 bulbs instead. Both C7 and C9 bulbs can be bought with or without stringers for ultimate customization.

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