Garden Pond Design Ideas

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In choosing a pond, you need to consider the theme of your house; because each type of the theme might need specific elements for the pond applications.

Pond is being added to a modern house to produce a natural atmosphere, ponds are greatly influence the appearance of your house. It does not only execute a fresh look but it may also be used as your garden arts. There are lots of pond types that may be applied for a contemporary house; some of options are suitable for a modern garden design which will execute a green style.

In choosing a pond, you have to consider the theme of your house; because each kind of the theme might need specific elements for that pond applications. Lets we have seen two basic models of ponds designs that are commonly applied in modern houses. First is Italian model of pond, this kind of pond usually tried to produce a plain look for the main pond. We rarely see flowers or plants to become engaged to the pool aside from the surrounding area. They are basically constructed from the bricks to strengthen the ecu atmosphere for the garden, their shape are typically in form of a perfect round.

Garden Pond Design

Garden Pond Designs

Garden Pond Designs

Within the garden pond design process, space is one of the primary issues. If you have a small back or side or perhaps front yard you may consider purchasing a preformed pond, available at most garden stores.

If size and cash is no object, then you can excavate the chosen site, and employ a flexible liner.

Either way, you do not want the pond tucked right into a back corner of your lot or land.

Pond Placement

One of the very first steps is to decide in which the garden pond is going to be placed.

From the outset, you will need the design to reflect your own individual lifestyle.

Should you spend a lot of time in your deck or patio, then you would naturally desire to be where you can hear, see, touch and smell water.

On the other hand, if you are an indoor person you will need a water garden pond design that appears as though it’s a natural extension of your home.

In either case, you will want to be able to enjoy the garden pond regardless of where it’s placed.


The next step is to decide if you wish to keep Koi fish or gold fish.

To keep Koi you will need a deeper pond when compared to a and this pond must be filtered 24-7. You will see little vegetation in the pond because Koi will root around inside your aquatic plants and disturb them.

You have to feed Koi daily and clean the filter just with the pond water; household water has chlorine inside it and will kill the beneficial bacteria living in the filter.

If you want gold fish, your job will be little easier because goldfish can forage. Think about keep in mind is that if you feed goldfish they’ll get very large and reproduce, thus developing a space problem. Let goldfish survive inside your water garden pond design with what vegetation exists to advertise a healthy balance.


The last, but in no way least, thing that you should consider when making a garden pond is safety.

For those who have small children, do plan on enclosing water-feature with a fence or other barrier to avoid a tragic accident. In lots of municipalities such a barrier is needed because children can drown in a few inches of water, a great deal less than your pond holds.

Garden Pond Liners

The biggest decision you’ll most likely desire to make is what material your pond liner is going to be. More permanent garden pond liners include concrete and fiberglass. More flexible pond liners are usually made from a variety of different plastic products. Permanent garden ponds aren’t strictly permanent, but when they’re well-built, a fiberglass liner should last Half a century or more, while concrete may last a lot longer in the absence of extreme freeze/thaw cycles. Concrete has got the slight disadvantage of possibly leaking toxins that may affect the quality of your pond water. Fiberglass is less difficult to install and maintain but lacks the naturalistic quality of other pond liners.

Plastic pond liners can in fact be rigid or flexible, but rigid plastic liners take time and effort to work with and are susceptible to damage from ice along with other weathering elements. Rigid plastic liners usually work best for homeowners who reside in a warm climate and therefore are operating on a strict budget. Flexible pond liners could be any number of materials such as butyl rubber and PVC, amongst others. These different pond liners can vary slightly in cost and performance, however they generally last 10-20 years, as well as their flexibility makes them great for customized garden ponds.

Garden Pond Design and Installation

Together with choosing a pond liner, you will also need to start thinking about your pond design. Obviously shape, size, and placement are the big elements of pond design. Based on what plants and/or fish you intend on putting in your pond, you’ll likely want to look for a place that will get a decent amount of shade. Besides being conducive to some healthy pond, shade in the sun will also increase the life of most pond liners. Shape and size are usually a function of the size of your yard and also the size of your budget. Creating a more organic shape might be more important than an impressively sized pond. Plus, you might want to save enough money in your financial allowance to install stone edging or else spruce up the surrounds of your garden pond.

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