Garden Landscape Design

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Discover landscaping design ideas for your front and backyard landscapes.

Garden landscape Design

Garden landscape Design

The traditional view of landscape design is really a detailed drawing specifying the place of each shrub and garden. In truth, each time you bring home a plant in the nursery you are participating in the design process, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Judging in the results I see, you will find an awful lot of unintentional designers available. Many landscapes seem like a collection of randomly chosen and haphazardly placed plants. Furthermore they lack cohesion, but a whole lot worse, the poorly placed plants become liabilities, requiring expensive pest treatments, frequent pruning or complete removal well before they have fulfilled their natural life spans.

Although a general plan is a valuable tool, there is nothing wrong with designing quickly. Experienced gardeners do all of it the time, usually with great delight. Whichever method you select, here are a few tips for creating a landscape that sticks out from the crowd and minimizes future headaches.

Plan for equipment access.

“It’s vital that you anticipate future access”, “whether it’s mowers or stump grinders, or future building projects like a porch or patio.” At some stage in the life of your home, you’ll be faced with a project or repair that needs some loud, monstrous machine to get involved with your backyard. Plan for it ahead of time, or be faced with needing to tear out a number of your precious plantings.

Start with (and maintain) the points of interest.

Stated simply, a focus is something that “makes you appear,” a landscape design professor at New york State University. At its best, however, “it directs you visually and enables you to feel surprised, moved or engaged, moving you thru the garden experience.”

Although we typically think about using a specimen tree or statue like a focal point, there are many other possibilities. The bottom line is to find something that is “slightly to quite different from the rest of your landscape in form, texture or color.” It may be an architectural feature of your property or even a borrowed view.

The secret is to make them stick out, yet not stick out. It ought to be somehow connected to the remaining landscape, either through a repeated shape or color, or perhaps a connection to the overall type of the landscape. Scale can also be important. If your landscape is several acres with broad vistas, remodel which will an ancient oak would take part in the role quite well. In a tiny urban lot, a luxuriant garden bench or small statue may be the perfect size.

Leave formal landscapes towards the rich and famous.

A proper landscape is one of the most difficult to create, and the upkeep could be arduous. “Symmetry is very hard to maintain”. If, for example, you’ve two identical evergreens in the corners of the house and one dies, it may be very difficult to find a matching replacement. “Sometimes,” she continues, “the only option is to replace both, which increases the expense.” Probably the most common dilemmas may be the hedgerow or foundation planting where a couple of shrubs have was a victim of a plague. Be skeptical of putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Keep curves under control.

Incorporating curves will prove to add interest to your garden, try not to overdo it. A collection of amoeba-shaped beds could be overkill, as would a curvy path that can take you far out of how of your destination. Long, subtle curves in many cases are best.

Lindsey also advises gardeners to “limit the geometries to ensure that one dominates.” Should you incorporate curved lines in beds and walkways, for example, repeat those shapes within the third dimension using the shape of the plants you select and the way you arrange them.

Add movement.

A landscape without movement is sort of a painting. Paintings are fine for hanging on the wall, but a garden needs movement to include life and interest. No garden is complete without some ornamental grasses to sway within the breeze. Add flowers to draw in hummingbirds (for hummingbird foods) and butterflies, and several berry producers for the birds.

Accent your home.

Unless your house is an architectural masterpiece, it might benefit from some thoughtful plantings to melt the edges and help it blend using the surroundings. But take care to not end up at the other extreme, a home that is hidden by overgrown shrubbery. The smallest starter home normally has some interesting architectural feature. The very best design will highlight that feature.

Take nothing for granted.

Whenever you live in a place for some time, you tend to accept existing features as obstacles, sometimes without completely noticing them. Instead of designing around the overgrown shrubbery, established trees, or worn-out deck, consider removing them. You may find new possibilities, like a sunny spot for a vegetable garden or rose bed.

Right plant, right spot.

On the exterior chance that someone looking over this has not heard that old adage “right plant, right spot,” I urge you to definitely adopt it as your individual gardening mantra. The saying should be repeated constantly during each trip to the nursery. Along with knowing the full-grown size, Liz Dean cautions us to think about growth rate as well. Given that they get large faster, fast-growing plants may seem like a good deal. In the end, however, time and investment property on pruning and other maintenance may outweigh the first savings.

Water-Wise Landscape for the Rockies and High Plains

Use this landscape intend to accent your home’s entrance way, lessen the amount of ground dedicated to turf grass and make the most of the rain that falls. An artful rain chain and rock-filled basin help slow runoff in the roof and direct water right into a dry creek bed. Plants within the stream bed are moisture-tolerant; those outside are drought-tolerant.


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