Fireplace Mantel Decoration Ideas for Christmas

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Mantel decorations are common adornments during the Christmas season. Here are a few tips and ideas on the same that you can use for decorating the fireplace mantel in your house.

Now that the holidays are coming up, you and your family may want to decorate the mantels in your home. Mantel decorations are common adornments during the Christmas season. A basic fireplace mantel provides a versatile palette for a variety of Christmas decorating ideas. You can use a traditional style with dangling stockings and evergreen garlands, or an elegant style with crystal snowflake garlands and sparkling white candles. Whatever style you choose, it’s important to keep flammable materials away from any candle or fireplace flames. Here are some ideas that can help you in spicing up the mantel and giving it a perfect festive finish. With the right accessories, you can easily revamp the structure.

Christmas mantel decoration

Christmas mantel decoration

Refinish It

Before you start implementing different decoration ideas, it is essential to have the mantel cleaned up and refinished as well. Clean it thoroughly to give it a fresh look. Once this is done, go ahead with the following ideas that can make it a great looking mantel. Also, de-clutter the mantel top if there are any objects placed over it.

Have a Theme

Having a decoration theme will give a well-defined look to the decorations. Why not have lovely color themes? Popular Christmas colors like red and green, red and white can be used to beautify the mantel. Combination of red and silver color, red and golden color work very well. With a natural theme, you can include various elements of nature, like fruits, leaves, flowers and jazz up the mantel. A sparkling fireplace decoration with a glitter theme, where you can add various elements to illuminate and add shimmer to the mantel is a nice idea.

Use Live Plants and Greenery

Spray-paint terra cotta pots silver and gold, and fill them with live poinsettias or other traditional Christmas plants, like amaryllis, rosemary and Christmas rose bushes. Line them up on the hearth, or if they’re small enough, place them right on the mantel. Live or artificial evergreen garlands are perfect for draping across the mantel. Fill them in with candles, pinecones, ornaments and strands of lights or dried fruit. Complement your evergreen swag by hanging a matching wreath behind it.

Mercury Glass

Place a large Venetian mirror above a fireplace mantel. Use a large picture-hanging hook to hang it securely in place. Take a large mercury-glass tree, and place one on the left and right side of the mantel. Fill in the area between the trees with additional mercury-glass trees in smaller sizes to create a collection. Insert fresh greens into the empty areas between trees to give the entire arrangement a full, lush appearance. To finish the display, place several silver, holiday tree ornaments in the greenery to accent the mercury-glass theme with an additional layer of reflective decor.

Holiday Ornaments

Add a colorful, holiday ornament wreath on the wall above a mantel. Choose varieties made completely of ornaments, and choose colors that coordinate with the color scheme of the space. Take clear apothecary jars, and fill them with complementary colors of holiday bulbs. Place them on each end of the mantel to create a simple, symmetrical design.

Hang Stockings For Christmas

Hang Stockings For Christmas

Hang Stockings

The most traditional Christmas mantel decoration is the Christmas stocking. Hanging your stockings along the mantel is a wonderful way to mix timeless and contemporary styles. Add some additional interest to your stockings by purchasing ornamental stocking hangers. Stocking hangers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colors to match your taste.

Beach Mementos

Create a beach-inspired mantel design by hanging a large, winter, beach-inspired painting above the mantel shelf. Add a fresh garland on the mantel to serve as a basis for the arrangement. Place glass candle holders on each side of the mantel, and fill them with sand, a white candle, seashells and sea glass. Tuck all sorts of beach items, such as starfish, sand dollars and sea shells, into the garland to highlight the beach theme. Finally, hang two cotton, cream-colored stockings from the mantel to complete the simple, beach theme.

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