Choosing the Perfect Stylish Range Hoods for Your Kitchen

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There are a number of hood variations, and also the type you need mainly depends on where your range is situated and other design features.

Your kitchen stove or range is an integral part of your kitchen. Most likely if you’re an avid cook you use it several times a day and for the novice cook a few time a week. There are some useful items that can help you decorate your own kitchen easily. It is important that you choose the right item that has a lot of benefits for yourself. When you want to feel comfortable in your kitchen, you can buy the best range hood.

Range hoods are used above stove tops to remove vapors from the kitchen. The vapors are then carried outside of the home using a ventilation system. They come in many varieties, meant to meet the needs of all cooks, from amateur to even the most professional. You can find several types of range hoods on the market these days.

Different Types of Range Hoods:

Stylish Range Hoods for Your KitchenStylish Range Hoods for Your Kitchen

Stylish Range Hoods for Your Kitchen

Under-Cabinet Hoods

A kitchen range with a cabinet hanging over it requires a standard under-cabinet hood installed over the cooktop. As the name implies, this style mounts beneath the cabinet, and the ductwork placed inside of the cabinet vents the airborne particles to the outside. Because the cabinet hides the ductwork, most under-cabinet styles tend to be very plain and functional, coming only with exhaust fans and lights. Under-cabinet versions might not be as decorative as other hood styles, but they still have their advantages. These hoods typically cost significantly less, perform effectively and work well in kitchens where space is at a premium. In addition, if your kitchen already has the ductwork installed, you can usually install a new under-cabinet hood yourself.

Island Hoods

Use an island hood over peninsula or island ranges located away from kitchen walls. The hood itself hangs down from the ceiling and vents through ductwork that runs through the ceiling to the outside. Because island ranges have no cabinets or walls around them to help funnel the airborne particles into the exhaust fan, this type of hood requires a more powerful fan and needs to be a minimum of 6 inches wider than the range surface for optimal venting performance. Island hoods really stand out in your kitchen, so most come in gleaming metals and bold designs that make strong decorating statements. These stylish range hoods typically cost the most and usually require a professional to install them.

Downdraft Hood

Downdraft hoods are hidden but appear when in use. These are also popular for island applications and good if you don’t want to have a hood hanging in the ceiling. Downdraft hoods aren’t installed behind ovens because they’re to be used with cooktops.

Ductless Range Hoods

Ductless range hoods are inexpensive and might be the only option for a cooktop in an area where you can’t easily install ductwork. Ductless hoods don’t remove airborne particles from your home. Instead, they draw the particles away from the cooktop and simply redirect them to other parts of your kitchen. The hood filters can effectively trap grease, oil and odors, but they don’t eliminate the heat, smoke and steam generated by cooking activities.

Wall Mounted Hoods

Wall Mounted Hoods

Wall Mounted Hoods

As the name suggests, these models are installed against the kitchen wall. These are referred to as chimney vents, solely because of their rising duct that resembles a home chimney. Due to its shape, it cannot be placed under a cabinet, which means, you can consider this option only if you do not have overhead cabinets installed in your kitchen.


Range hoods offer a great addition to any kitchen. There are a lot of choices to consider when looking to purchase a new one. They have been greatly improved upon in the past several years, as the foodie movement has demanded better home kitchen equipment. Fans are now quiet, and the extra features can make them one of a cook’s best helpers in a kitchen.

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