Beautiful Christmas Fireplace Decorating Ideas

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Special fireplace decorations for Christmas make the occasion and one's home, all the more inviting. There are lots of amazing ways of decorating the fireplace decorating ideas for this Christmas..

Fireplaces are a primary focal point in any room and provide ample space to show stylish holiday decorations. You can decorate the mantle, sides, chimney and/or firebox to produce as simple or elaborate a design as desired. A non-working fireplace may use any decorative materials and then any design. However, if you plan on lighting fires within the fireplace, then you need to keep safety in your mind when choosing your decorative materials and designs. For example, flammable decorations hanging down while watching firebox are a disaster waiting to occur.

Christmas Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Christmas Fireplace Decorations

Christmas Fireplace Decorations

Decorating the fireplace for Christmas is quite customary. Thus, when you are out shopping for these Christmas decorations, there are a variety of things that you will find. However, we wind up decorating the fireplace in similar ways, each year. Well, you can surely improve your style this year, with some brand new ideas for the same compiled together within the coming up paragraphs. So, take a look and make sure you add something different towards the fireplace for this year’s Christmas!

Traditional Decoration

Stick with stockings, evergreen and ribbons to brighten your fireplace with a traditional style. Stockings hanging in a row along the front of the fireplace give a quintessential Christmas touch. An evergreen and red ribbon garland draped within the sides and front of the mantle covers the hooks accustomed to secure each stocking.

An evergreen and gold berry wreath sitting flat around the middle of the mantle creates a colorful outline for that mantle centerpiece. The centerpiece includes a tall, thin, clear glass vase full of large green and red beads. Three golden angle figurines decorate the mantle area to the left of the centerpiece and three more decorate the area to the right.


One of the most common Christmas fireplace decorations are stockings, every home should have. Stockings are meant to be hung in the hooks or screws attached to the fireplace mantels, and in a particular order. They’ve each family member’s name written in it and they can also have sizes based on the respective ages. This year you can include each family member’s photo on their own respective stockings. The stockings enhance the mood of Christmas thus making you feel warm and cozy during this festive winter season.


Candles double the spirit of Christmas using their light and looks. A simple Christmas candle can illuminate the entire mantel that you have already decorated, implementing the ideas mentioned above. You can either place a single candle or a five arm candle stand that is decorated with Holly leaves and cherries with some colorful Christmas centerpieces. Since, the mantel can accommodate quite a few decorations, you can also have tiny candles held in decorative colored candle holders all over the mantel. It will surely be a beautiful sight.

christmas candles decoration

christmas candles decoration

Wreaths and Garlands

Most homes also love to have Christmas wreaths hung either on their own front doors or over the fireplaces. Wreaths look very attractive having a red bow tied on the top and bells hung up within the center. There are many other wreath decorations as well, like Christmas ornaments tied up in the wreaths to add some color to it. Garlands will also be a major part of fireplace mantel decorations. Garlands also provide colored ornaments, dried pine cones, poinsettia plant leaves and lights tied together to appear pretty. You can sure use these if you want to decorate a fireplace mantel for Christmas.


There are many other collectibles and decorative items which can be added at the fireplace door or around the Christmas tree to make the fireplace look full and rich. To begin with, you can keep an old Santa Claus doll or statue in the mouth of the fireplace to represent him climbing down from the chimney! You can display the nativity around the mantel as well, with the Holy family, Wise men, Shepherds and their cattle, angels and of course, the big bright star.

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