Christmas Living Room Decorating Ideas: You Can Easily Turn Into Reality

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Busy families looking to reduce stress during the holiday season can save a lot of time and money by simplifying their Christmas decorations.

Decorating your home for the Christmas season can be a fun and enjoyable time for your entire family. Christmas is the most popular time of year and the holidays means sharing and getting holiday touches to your home. Christmas decorations should all be about “magic”. Decoration of the home is a major part of the Christmas celebrations and also the living room is sure going to be the center of attraction because it is where your major celebrations are going to take place. In most houses, the lounge is also the place where the Christmas tree could be placed so that special turn to that room would increase the celebrations. Here are a few ideas of how to decorate your living room to be able to all enter into the Christmas spirit!

Christmas Living Room Design Ideas

Christmas Living Room Design Ideas

Attach Christmas lights first

Sometimes, some extra shimmer is all you need to produce the right ambiance for the holidays. A comfortable fire, a string of lights and some candles can set the mood for an intimate Christmas gathering. For any bolder, more modern look, try displaying strands of tiny white lights inside frosted cylindrical vases, or wind the lights around several Styrofoam balls and suspend them in the ceiling at different heights. Play in the reflections of flickering candles by nestling them in a bed of bronze ornaments, vintage Christmas light bulbs, gold-painted walnuts or strands of silver beads.


Obviously, Christmas is a time of bright, glistening colours, however for a very elegant finish it’s a good idea to choose a simple colour scheme, and don’t attempt to stray from it. The traditional colours associated with the festive season are usually reds, golds and greens, however the only limit is your imagination. How about cool, clean silvers, perhaps with a few hints of purple, or possibly you’re feeling brave and want something even more daring? You can ensure non-traditional colour schemes stay festive by utilizing them in very traditional ways – for instance, a silver Christmas tree with sparkling black tinsel would be a stunning centrepiece.


If you’re lucky enough to have a mantelpiece above a fire inside your living room, then this is the perfect spot to decorate. Not only can you hang your Christmas stockings in the mantelpiece, but add fairly lights interwoven amongst fresh holly and berries, or possibly have some tea lights lit in beautiful glass lanterns. You can even make this the place you highlight the perfect piece of artwork your child has taken home from school. Either way, be bold and lightweight it all up with some form of lighting.

Wall Hangings

Instead of replacing artwork and photos with Christmas decor for that holiday season, wrap picture frames in festive wrapping paper featuring subtle patterns and colours that complement your living room’s decor. Pinning Christmas cards and holiday photos to some length of sturdy ribbon secured towards the wall is an easy and inexpensive method to decorate for the holidays. If you don’t have a mantel or a Christmas tree, you are able to hang your stockings and ornaments around the ribbon as well. Consider attaching other festive things you have on hand, such as a December calendar, holiday cookie cutters, attractive gift tags or pages of sheet music for Christmas carols.

Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas Table Decorations

Table Decorations

The department stores all have their Christmas decorations on sale now and it’s a great idea to browse through catalogues (online or actual life) to get a feel for what’s in fashion this season. There is normally a trend with colour schemes and centre pieces but often, should you didn’t want to pay top end prices, you might take those ideas and just shop smartly by seeing if you’re able to find something similar in your local Poundland or, better still, make something yourself.


Accessorising your family room is the key to nailing the design and style. Stay well away from cheap metallic fold-out decorations! Simply arranging small pine branches or holly sections along mantle pieces, book cases and curtain rails is an excellent way to lift the room, by adding some strings of beads or perhaps a little glitter you can create gorgeous garlands which suit your theme effortlessly.

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