8 Foods That Help Cleanse Your Lungs and Improved Breathing

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There are a few foods that can really help you cleanse your lungs of the tar and toxins that clog it and choke you up every day.

The lungs are essential for human life. They work almost tirelessly, pulling in air and dumping out what can’t be used over and over, day and night. Breathing brings in oxygen and expels carbon dioxide, a waste product of metabolism. Breathing is also essential to our ability to talk and sing.

There are some best foods for your lung health. Before sharing them with you, let’s have an understanding of lungs. As we all know lungs the importance of lungs in our body. They take oxygen and supply it to the whole body and at the same time they excrete out carbon dioxide. It helps in breathing that is inspiration (taking in air) and expiration (taking out carbon dioxide from our body). That is not all where the functions of lungs end up. There is much more. It oxygenates the blood that comes to it. This means it adds oxygen to blood. This oxygenated blood goes to heart for pumping into the whole body.

8 Best Foods For Lung Cleansing:

Best Foods To Cleanse Your Lungs

Best Foods To Cleanse Your Lungs

Taking into consideration your lung health, “waytoenliven” share with you best foods for lung health that will keep your lungs clean and help to remove toxins from them incorporated through smoke of any kind and pollutants.


Water plays a huge role in health and it is the base of any cleansing action. Pure, clean water is essential to keeping blood flowing to and from the lungs. It also keeps our lungs hydrated and the mucus flowing. It may sound disgusting, but that mucus is important and needs to be the right consistency help trap & keep toxins, microbes, and pollutants out.


Pomegranate juice slows the growth of lung tumors. Pomegranates contain many antioxidants including ellagic acid, which is gaining strides in cancer research.


Naringin, a flavonoid in grapefruit, inhibits the activation of a cancer causing enzyme. White grapefruit contains a high amount of this flavonoid, though pink grapefruit has some too along with the antioxidant lycopene. Grapefruit is especially good at cleansing the lungs after quitting smoking.


It contains an active substance called allicin. This substance is very useful for health. It fights infection and reduces inflammation in lungs. Garlic has antioxidant property also and helps to remove free radicals from lungs and all over the body. This prevents lung cancer. It is also good for asthma patients and those who have any lung infection.

Beans, Seeds, and Nuts

All these food items contain rich amounts of magnesium, a mineral that contributes to healthy lung function. They also provide essential fatty acids that are good for the cardiovascular system. Pistachios contain gamma-tocopherol, a type of vitamin E that is believed to reduce risk of lung cancer.

Foods With Vitamin

How to have healthy lungs food? Have fruits rich in vitamin C. It is a powerful antioxidant. It helps lungs to supply oxygen to all over the body that we breath in. We must have foods rich in vitamin C. Foods rich in vitamin C are all citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, tomato, bell peppers (capsicums), kiwifruit, strawberries, grapes, pineapple and mango as well. These fruits also help in removing toxins from the lungs.

Foods With Vitamin

Foods With Vitamin

Chili Peppers

Peppers are filled with capsaicin, the spicy compound that gives them their heat. Capsaicin improves blood flow, stimulates mucus membranes, and fights infection.


Flavonoids, vitamin E, and vitamin C, and all help the lungs function at their best. Apples are rich in all of these and those who eat several a week have healthier lungs.


These roots are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and lycopene, which are all antioxidants that affect lung health and lower the chances of developing lung disease.

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