7 Tips to Consider for Healthier Coffee Drinking

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There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that healthy alternatives to coffee exist in plenty.

Coffee is great for procuring energy through-out the day and there are many reports out that say coffee brings youth back, prevents strokes, keeps you active. Just how can coffee be even healthier among your major beverages throughout the day. There are many ways to drink coffee and some of them are rich and delicious to common coffee in your pot in the morning. Here are five ways to lighten how you take your coffee for a healthier alternative.

Tips for Healthier Coffee Drinking

Tips for Healthier Coffee Drinking

Gourmet Variety Coffee

Should you go to places to buy your coffee you could trim down your order calorie wise with skim milk or 2 percent. These places are prepared for this particular order and also have alternative sweeteners and skim milk to mix your latte up perfect.

Coffee to Go On The Road

You can take it black or use alternative sweeteners for the most part of the places you procure coffee. Low fat creamers are usually available and this cuts down on fat and is a healthier alternative for all those seeking a better waist line. Black may be the healthiest way to take coffee since it is in its purest form and sugar takes the health advantages away from a good cup of coffee. Alternative sweeteners for example Stevia are natural however the tests are still out on Stevia for actual health advantages so the advice is black is better even on the road.

Organic Blends

If you get organically grown coffee it cuts down on the issues that normal coffee processing has. There can be many chemicals in regular processed brands of coffee if you buy organic make sure that the processing is organic along with the growing process meaning no pesticides are used in the growing of the coffee. Many large producers of coffee used these processes for years and the harmful chemicals they use would surprise many people if they really knew.


The absolute healthiest way to brew coffee is by using a brown paper filter. White filters possess a bleaching process to become white which means you basically are leaching out those chemicals whenever you brew your coffee. Brown paper filters would be the healthiest filter you can purchase for the coffee. There is absolutely nothing accustomed to make the filter white so you in essence are getting as natural as possible with brown paper filters.

Drinking Coffee Could Improve Your Memory

Drinking Coffee Could Improve Your Memory


Free radicals are chemicals in the body that bring about multiple chronic diseases, from cancer to heart disease. Luckily, antioxidants help combat cell damage brought on by free radicals. Recent surveys have figured coffee is the greatest contributor of antioxidants inside a standard western diet.

Improved Memory and Reaction Time

Coffee has been shown to have many cognitive benefits beyond combating sleepiness. Multiple research has connected the caffeine in coffee with enhanced memory recall and improved visual reaction times.

Improved Mood

Sodas have been linked to a higher risk of depression. However, coffee consumption has been of a lower risk of depression. Additionally, the caffeine in coffee can help increase levels of dopamine, which can affect motivation and happiness.

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