Romantic Valentines Day Gifts for Your Wife Will Love

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Valentine's Day is the perfect time to let your wife know how much you love and appreciate her.

This post is dedicated to romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife. If you’re hunting for Valentine’s Day gifts for a wife, it’s easy to find many special ideas that will turn up the heat in your love life while giving her another reason to prove the ways she loves you. Whatever her tastes may be like, you’ll have little problem getting the perfect gift if you let yourself think differently and try something new. This gives you a chance to tap into your creative side while at the same time finding new and exciting ways to surprise her.

Romantic Valentines Day Gifts for Your Wife

Romantic Valentines Day Gifts for Your Wife


Candy is one of the most popular gifts for men to give to women on Valentine’s Day. Men who have given their wives a gift of candy in the past may feel as though it would be inappropriate to give her candy again. However, this is not true. Candy is a gift which is almost always appreciated on Valentine’s Day. There are ways to make candy seem like a more original gift though. Men who normally give their wives a gift of an assortment of chocolates in a heart shaped box can search for other candy options available.

Pendant Jewelry

Though a diamond necklace or lavish ring is something many women appreciate, it is one of the more common, easy gifts. To do something special, consider investing in a pendant or charm bracelet or necklace. These allow for personalization, something any woman appreciates her husband showing. Adding to it each year, with a unique charm or beautiful stone, ensures you always have something new to give her each year, too. There are numerous off-brand and branded lines, but the sentiment is more important than the name brand associated with this type of jewelry. Chose pendants that are meaningful to her.

A Camera

Though many women use their cell phones as their main camera to take anywhere, purchasing a digital camera that’s small enough for a purse and easy to use can make the day of any wife. Capturing memories of family and friends, as well as various locations you visit, can be enjoyable. In addition, provide a photo printer or a digital frame to display the images captured. A few picture frames can complete this gift.

Dinner and Dress

Even though you might go out to dinner from time-to-time already, go the extra mile and set up an extra special evening over candlelight. Although the gesture of an extraordinary dinner would most likely suffice, imagine the look on her face if you surprised her hours before with a brand new dress for the occasion. The time that went into planning the romantic dinner, coupled with the efforts of seeking out the perfect dress will make her know that she is the queen of the day.

Decadent and Delightful Delicacies

Decadent and Delightful Delicacies

Decadent and Delightful Delicacies

Occasionally, the essentials, such as these hand-dipped chocolate strawberries, are the best Valentine’s Day gift. You can also order strawberries that are coated in scrumptious yogurt or peanut butter and sprinkled with chopped almonds. Decadent chocolate, vanilla and red velvet cupcakes covered with delicious frosting and sprinkles are sure to give her extra reasons to smile. Matching bottles of wine are great to give with these delights.

A Giant Heart-shaped Cookie

If you have some rudimentary baking skills, you can make her a personal treat to remember. Buy a roll of refrigerated cookie dough, and roll it out. Using a sharp knife cut the dough into the shape of a heart and then bake the cookie according to the package directions. Decorate the cookie with sprinkles, candy hearts, or colored icing. If your decorating skills aren’t very good, cover the cookie with plain icing and then use candy letters to spell out your message.

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