Easter Gift Ideas for Her

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Easter is a time for both religious celebration and Easter egg hunts and parties. Gifts are something which can make a woman easily go weak on her behalf knees. For guys, Easter offers the perfect chance to make their ladies feel special and provide their innermost feelings through heartfelt presents. Whether it is for your lovely mom, girlfriend, sister or cousins, the options of gifts made exclusively for the fairer sex is extensive and may just leave you spoiled for choice. You need to simply patiently look out for what you want based on your budget and choice. Gift hunting really should not be just limited to stores and malls alone because there are many other places where you can buy souvenirs of your decision and budget. Some of options are bookstores, cosmetic shops, fancy stores or perhaps furniture showrooms. If you want to add that magical touch to the current, then attach a small note conveying your wishes. Remember, the gift, whether small or big, should succeed in making her feel on the top of the world. Read on to find out more concerning the Easter gift ideas for women.


Easter Gift Ideas for Her

Easter Gift Ideas for Her

Get your wife an attractive bouquet of spring flowers, for example tulips, zinnias, orchids, cherry blossoms or roses. Buy the flower bouquet already made from a local florist, or buy the flowers and vase separate and arrange your personal specially made bouquet. Be sure to put an Easter card in the flower bouquet.

Gift Basket

Help make your wife a gift basket with all her favorite things. Include a bottle of her favorite perfume, candles, bubble bath, books, lotion plus some chocolate egg candies for Easter. Make use of an Easter basket to make the gift and plastic grass for that stuffing. Put a clear Easter gift cover the basket and tie a sizable bow on it.

Easter Cupcakes

If your wife likes sweets, make her some Easter cupcakes to savor. Bake her favorite cupcakes and ice with green icing. Use pastel-colored jellybeans and put a couple on each cupcake to resemble Easter eggs. Shape the cupcakes within the shape of a heart on the platter and give to your wife on Easter.

Pamper Her

Pamper your girlfriend by having an Easter basket full of relaxing items. Offer her the ingredients to create a soothing spa day in her own very own bathroom. If she enjoys baths, include lightly scented bubble bath, bath salts and bath oils on her to use along with a bathtub pillow and candles to produce a tranquil atmosphere. Give her a manicure or pedicure set, filled with nail files, polishes and nail art to ensure that she can give her hands and feet a goody after softening them within the bath.


Easter can be a good time to resume your resolve for your man having a very special gift of jewelry in order to get his wedding ring cleaned professionally. Some people spend less at Easter on gifts, under $20 in line with the National Retail Federation, splurge somewhat with a new set of cuff links or even a tie clip he can wear on Easter Sunday.

Food and Drink

Easter morning is an excellent opportunity to bring your wife breakfast in bed. Consistent with Eastern spirit, be sure to bring her a boiled egg or two. You might treat her to lunch on Easter Sunday while both of you’re still in your church finery and demonstrate to her off to the restaurant crowd. Or, buy a cheap Easter basket and fill it with her favorite candies (search for the Easter version). You could also take her out to have an afternoon picnic.

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