Christmas Greeting Card Ideas

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Christmas greeting cards are sent by public to share a range of sentiments and feelings associated with the Christmas season. They were first invented nearly 1840 and therefore are now very much an essential part of Christmas and Year merriment.

Christmas greeting cards have evolved a lot since their invention and listed here are many styles now unfilled that vary from

christmas greeting card ideas

christmas greeting card ideas

handmade cards to electronic cards that may be sent via computers.

The very first type of Christmas greeting cards are the handmade cards, which can be designed using handmade papers. Prepaid credit cards can be ordered blank or perhaps in any preprinted style according to customer specifications.

Another well loved style in Christmas greeting cards may be the photo cards. These cards could have innumerable kinds of photographs that the person wishes to send. Some typically sent photographs might be of a single person, family depiction, or scenery. An over-all trend while sending such cards may be the insertion of Christmas letters, which tell public concerning the happenings of the past year.

Another standard type of Christmas greeting cards is the post cards. They may be mailed without even seeing and are generally very low-cost to send. They can be ordered reprinted a treadmill can buy printer-ready post cards to create own designs using a home printer.

These are a few best and beautiful handmade Christmas cards ideas:

Modern Tree Card

A triangular tree with few holes punched about it is cut out and pasted around the red paper which is then connected to the chocolate brown paper.

Christmas tree

Everyone can reckon that how much it is beautiful handmade Christmas cards idea, Beautiful handmade Christmas cards idea this card was created by attaching the ferns onto it in style from the top core card which is red in color. A little sparkle was added to decorate the tree by gluing on the few small rhinestones.


These readymade wire words have small beads in it to add a touch of color for them. You can design some other word too using the same technique. These wire test is then glued on the craft paper. The backdrop of the wire word continues to be given a sivery finish by rubbing silver pad over the piece of linen finish paper.

Frosty the Snowman Card

The card this snowman was stamped on is printed white and blue. Prepaid credit cards in blue and white are ideal for the snowy scene. Prisma glitter was utilized to cover the front and shining beads were put into the snowflakes to create a frosty look.

Hoe, Hoe, Hoe

christmas greeting card

christmas greeting card

Little stockings are full of garden tools to make the perfect card for that wedding.

Snowman Profile

The rectangle vellum tag is use using the snowman punch on it. The tag is tied up with silver cord. This combination makes an attractive frame.

Star Card

The Silver Star thin wire supports the printed Merry Christmas ribbon to the card. A shiny red metallic paper can be used for the layer under the star.

Sleigh Ride

Circles have been in this season! The sleigh is stamped on the punched out circle that is mounted on the card using double stick mounting tape.

Pinwheel Card

Fold four circles (2 red and 2 white) in half to make a fun envelope for that front of this card. Before the envelope was connected to the card, a piece of white Midori ribbon was inserted therefore it ties across the envelope.

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