Win Your Man’s Heart with Those Handmade Birthday Cards

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Handmade birthday cards for men: choices are limited and one need to pay close attention to the masculine things around us to create any idea.


Though the idea of giving and receiving greeting cards seems little girlish but now a  days with life becoming fast and paced up ,very little time is left to express your feelings to someone special in your life. The greeting cards are the perfect answer to this. They deliver your emotion in the most cohesive and professional manner to the recipient.

Handmade Birthday Cards

When it comes to choose the birthday cards for girls or women then the choices are innumerable with the range starting from flowers to butterflies and including in them the various colorful designs along with arts and crafts too. But for the cards to be given to men the choices are limited and one need to pay close attention to the masculine things around us to create any idea. Geometrical designs and gentle colors will do the wonders for the masculine art in the card.

Handmade cards will attract more attention on account of the fact that thought and effort has been spent in making them, so they will be more in demand than the store bought cards. Though women like the handmade cards but some man too are fond of them and your birthday card with your effort and time spent on it will definitely make him filled with awe and pleasure.

Ideas of handmade cards for men

We have assembled some unique ideas for the handmade cards for your man. These all ideas are drawn up while using the imagination. You can very well enhance them or append them accordingly to include some more unique things in them or bring very innovative new ideas to make such a handmade card.

  • Coupon book

Create a coupon book for your man which is  a collection of coupons of various occasions which he can use in a limited span of time period as he wish, these coupons can include the kisses, movie dates, weekend gateways, dance lessons etc. each coupon can be handwritten, printed, stamped as the way you can choose. You can also give him the pictures in this book and ask him what each of them represents.

  • Photo card

 A photo card can be designed by the help of the computer. You can include photographs of different occasions like when you both were together on your honeymoon or date in earlier days or you can present the baby or childhood photos to your son or brother. Include photos of some special occasions and create a card of such type for any future trip as a hint for what is going to come on this tour.

  • Masculine design and themes

Include the geometric patterns or the themes which represents your man the best and include the stickers, photos and stamps of the things which can make him smile.

  • Movie cards

Take the images from your man’s favorite movie or star and create a masculine theme based movie card with a nice decorative frame around the card. Print iconic images from his top movies and create such a frame around them so that they look like the original movie frame.

  • Animal card

Create a birthday card featuring his favorite pet. Cut out a sheet of rippled card, using his favorite color, measuring 5 inches by 8 inches. Glue on a piece of smooth card that measures approximately 4 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches to create a rippled border. Either take a photo, craft from paper or cut out an image of his favorite pet or animal. Glue the image onto the smooth card stock. Add a personal message. For a different variation, glue the rippled card stock onto the smooth card stock. Add the animal image to the rippled paper resulting in a smooth border.

  • Automobile card

Create a card featuring his favorite sport or automobile. Cut out a sheet of card stock measuring 5 inches by 8 inches. Cut out two strips of card stock in desired colors and place them onto the card so that the upper half of the card shows one color and the bottom half of the card shows another color. Cut out magazine images of his favorite sport or automobile and paste them onto the center of the card. Use one larger image or several smaller images. If desired, use stickers instead of magazine images. Add a personal message to complete the card.

  • Film strip card

Cut out a sheet of white card stock to the desired size. Cut a strip of black card stock that measures approximately 2 inches in width. The length of the black strip should reach completely across the top of the card. Cut out 1-by-1-inch clippings of his favorite movie from magazines and place them onto 1 1/2-by-1 1/2-inch piece of white paper. Glue the images onto the black strip so that there is a tiny black border between each image that resembles a film strip. If desired images cannot be found in magazines, search the Internet for free images, re-size them and print them. Add a larger image resembling one filmstrip frame to the center of the card to complete the card.

  • Simple card with black outline

Cut a sheet of white card stock so that it measures 5 inches by 8 inches. Cut out a piece of black card stock so that it measures 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches. Glue the white card stock to the black card stock, resulting in a 1/2 inch black border around the card. Use a die cut machine or hand cut the words “Happy Birthday” from any desired card stock color and glue it across the middle of the card. Cut out photographs or magazine clippings representing his favorite hobby. Glue the images onto the white card stock. Add a personal hand-written message to complete the card.

  • Square Card

This is a perfect card for men specifically for those men that you may not understand what their hobbies or sports preferences are. The card blank is high quality 300gsm weight and is a large 8″ square card . I have tried personally patterned paper for the background and used my spellbinders to chop out the various fancy paper and card layers. The topper is a raised blue tank top. I’ve embellished the card with some silver card candi and a used my border punch to produce a paper border. The sentiment says “Best Wishes” and the within the card is blank for your own personel message.

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