Handmade Valentine’s Gifts for Men

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One of the interesting handmade valentine’s day gifts for boyfriend is a food basket with an assortment of cookies and a card saying how much you care.

The best gifts come from the heart and therefore are built by our own hands. This Valentine’s Day, help make your gift to the special man in your lifetime something special, something homemade. Following are a few recipes and ideas for gifts you can make you to ultimately brighten your guy’s Valentine’s Day.

A method to show you care is by giving homemade Valentine’s gifts towards the man in your life. One of the interesting

homemade Valentine’s gifts

homemade Valentine’s gifts

Valentine’s day gifts for boyfriend is really a food basket with an assortment of cookies along with a card saying how much you care. Besides food, there are numerous things that you could make and offer as a Valentine’s gift. Photo frames, candle holders, bookshelves, laptop stands, CD/DVD racks, cabinets for his sports, etc., are some of the options you could think about making for this Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Card

Valentine’s Day greeting card is really a love letter containing a heartfelt message having a lover, has romantic wordings and hearts strewn all over it. Statistics in the united states have revealed that the number of cards sent on Valentine’s Day is second largest after Christmas. So a card on Valentine’s Day includes a very special meaning, even if the matter there’s printed and ready-made. The Valentine’s Day greeting card has changed into a part of the package gift that you simply send to your lover. But you will find plenty of ways to make it unique when you are sending it towards the most particular someone in your lifetime.

Picture Art

Photo albums are not only wedding gifts. Catch hold of some of his childhood and adolescent years’ photographs, making preparations a surprise album for him. If it’s hard to arrange his yesteryear pictures, produce a collage, a memorabilia of your happy moments together. Or get yourself a nice picture of you too, framed in the metallic, brass photo frame. It may be a cherished gift for men.

Valentine Gift Hampers

Check out our unique collection of Valentine Gift Hampers and send your boyfriend or girlfriend a Gift Basket on Valentines Day and make the occasion of love memorable.


Usually the best Valentine’s Day gifts are edible. Make reservations in a restaurant he enjoys or cook him his favorite meal. Treat him having a batch of his favorite cookies, a decadent cake, or come up with a decorated basket of his favorite treats if dinner plans can’t be produced.


Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to purchase him something nice for his wardrobe if he doesn’t prefer to shop. His favorite color polo shirt, a sharp-looking dress coat, or maybe even a nice pair of slacks could be great gifts to give to him as stuff that will make him think of you each time he wears it. Get him a T-shirt using the logo of his favorite sports team or perhaps a set of fun boxers if he’s not into putting on a costume.


Consider giving him a homemade coupon book that entitles him to various things throughout the year if cash is an issue. For example, make handmade coupons for items like a night on the town, free back rub, or even the movie of his choice on night out. A coupon book is definitely an easy way to express love having a bit creativity and it won’t break your budget.


For women who love painting, believe to surprise their man compared to letting him have an artistic piece developed by you! Paint something that brings about your emotions and feelings. It may be the place where you first met him or even the first bouquet which he gave you or perhaps the latest car which he is eyeing. Paint rid of it ahead of the day and get it framed. Hang it around the bedroom wall on Valentine’s Day. This can work magically and boost the feeling of love in the relationship.

Make A Gift Basket

Have a gift basket at the side table before he awakens in the morning. Nothing can more surprising than this!! The basket can contain a variety of things like – his favorite homemade cookies, a CD together with his favorite songs, a treasured photograph framed on your part, handmade cards, handmade flowers, etc. Surprisingly, guys love to receive gift baskets every now and then. Go on, who knows he might fall more deeply in love with you!!

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