Easy Handmade Valentines Day Cards Ideas

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Everyone loves cards and nothing is better compared to romantic home made cards.

Valentine Day Cards are a great way to express your love and send warm desires to your beloved. A popular gift that lovers don’t lose out is giving beautiful cards for Valentine’s Day. Not just are these Valentines’ Day cards easily available, they are also the perfect way to tell your heart’s message to your beloved in an artistic way! Romantic Valentine greeting cards really are a rage among lovers all over the world. Not many people would know this, but teachers get the most Valentine’s Day cards, followed by children, mothers, wives, after which, sweethearts. Most of the cards are bought by young kids for their families and friends.

Easy Handmade Valentines Day Cards Ideas

Easy Handmade Valentines Day Cards Ideas

These romantic greeting cards are available in many designs. The most popular ones are those that have a cute heart or a bouquet of red roses right in front. Since roses and hearts symbolize love, they are the most preferred designs on the Valentine’s Day card. After roses and hearts, cupids are the next most popular design. The quotes around the cards are very important. They should be meaningful and really should convey your heart’s message for your beloved. After cupids, come the funny greeting cards. These cards have funny cartoons and illustrations in it and have a funny message inscribed inside. It’s a great way to break the ice, if you are giving a Valentine’s card for the first time.

There is a huge variety to choose from, as far as valentines day greeting cards are concerned. You can just hit the stores and check out the creatively designed cards to obtain the one that conveys your feelings within the most beautiful manner. The content may be the heart of a greeting card and therefore, pick up the one which says a lot in just a few beautiful lines. You can also write an intimate poem inside the card to personalize it, or perhaps a quote will also do, in case you are not good at poetry. It is usually better to write a few lines on your own, so that your lover has something original to see and relate to. So, choose your favorite and get set to woo the one you love with a heartfelt message along with a beautiful image by giving a romantic Valentine’s Day greeting card.

Valentine’s Day Homemade Card Ideas

Comic Strip Valentines

Create a comic around the front of the Valentine’s Day greeting card. Make sections around the front using a pen or marker along with a ruler to make the comic strip panels, or eliminate separate panels to glue towards the front after the comic is performed. The second option will give the card more texture and permit you to add fabric or paper behind each comic panel to border them. Not everyone is a great artist, and there are other options to use for illustrating a comic book strip valentine card. Glue cut-out photographs from magazines or from personal photos. Stickers are another choice to illustrate the comic-strip valentine. Craft stores, card stores and stationery stores have a large selection of stickers in different themes and subjects. Add some cartoon dialogue bubbles to the of the styles of comics and write your personal comic-strip dialogue.

Valentine’s Day Sign Card

This is another fun card to create with your kids or another willing party. There are not step by step instructions for this project, but it is fairly self-explanatory. You can customize the size, colors, and embellishments any way you like. You can also decide whether you need to make it serious or silly. This card constitutes a beautiful wall or fridge hanging once the holiday is over. Consider putting it up on a bulletin board at home or work where you’ll view it and smile every day.

Love Notes

Love Notes are wonderful Homemade Valentines Day Card Ideas. It is easy to create pretty little valentines using construction paper or card stock and markers or crayons. Simply cut heart shapes out of red or pink paper. The valentines could be simple, or they can be more elaborate. Layering the paper results in a more three-dimensional look. Use lace, stickers, and stamps to brighten the cards. Then write a love poem or sweet note in the middle of the heart and fold it for presentation.

Lollipop Flower Cards

This is a fun family project, and in less than an hour or so your kids will have unique valentines to trade with their school friends. All you need are inexpensive lollipops, red and green construction paper, scissors along with a glue stick. Cut out heart shapes in the red construction paper, making them slightly larger than the lollipops. Then glue a lollipop to the middle of the heart. Fold the green paper in half and eliminate a leaf design, then unfold the leaf and glue it towards the lollipop stick. This would be a good one to create with your kids for them to hand out in school. It would also be a great choice to create with your kids to give to your spouse. Should you don’t want to use suckers, think of other poses to carry different types of candy.

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