Coolest Birthday Cake Design Ideas

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A Birthday cake is an essential part of the birthday celebrations and there are numerous ways in which you can make the birthday cake extra-special.

Decorating the birthday cake of your loved one could be a lot of fun. It is very interesting, particularly if he/she is a child, because there are many varieties of shapes, sizes and designs of birthday cakes for kids. While you can decorate a homemade cake using the usual icing or frosting, adorning it inside an imaginative way can add a personal touch towards the celebration. It applies to the shop-bought cakes too. If you want to get some fun decorating ideas and designs for the birthday cake, go through the article and improve your knowledge.

Birthday Cake Design Ideas

Birthday Cake Design Ideas

A birthday cake is an essential part of the birthday celebrations there are numerous ways in which you can make the birthday cake extra-special. Birthday cakes can be created much more exciting and fun with a few easy tricks and ideas.

Birthday Cake Design and Decorating Ideas

Homemade birthday cakes always score at the top of taste but might not necessarily look as pretty because the ones at the baker’s display window. Think of any color on the horizon or think of the most weird flavor on earth and you can get a birthday cake which has the perfect hues you want and just the best flavor you want. Gone are the days when the birthday cake shapes were either circle or square and also the flavors limited to chocolate and strawberry. The advancement in culinary techniques, advent of decoration tools and availability of specialized molds has revolutionized the wedding cake decorations like never before.

Picking a Theme

A themed birthday cake could make the birthday a truly special affair. Obtaining a theme is essential before starting the birthday cake designs and decorations. Think of the look on your daughter’s face when she examines birthday cake, which is based on the theme of her favorite movie, or perhaps your music lover friend’s expression on visiting a cake that is shaped like a musical note and topped with decorations that resemble instruments. Depending on the age, hobbies and interests of the individual, there can be endless number of themes for birthday cakes. You could have cartoon-based themes, movie based themes, sport based themes, color based themes, animal based themes, music based themes, internet based themes, pirate theme, scary themes, funny themes and just about any theme that you think is ideal for a particular person’s birthday.

Different Shapes and Sizes

If you thought a birthday cake might be either a square or a circle, then you definitely obviously haven’t gone around and checked for that various varieties of shapes that birthday cakes comes in. Don’t be surprised to walk into a birthday party, in which you see a kid standing with a knife waiting to reduce off the head of a green colored dino, yes birthday cakes now are available in all shapes and sizes. Dinosaurs, houses, flowers, cartoon characters, buildings, or can be a globe.

  • Dark chocolate chunks, as a topping for any frosted cake, look terrific! You can grate the chocolate or work into small pieces for decorating purposes. For any gourmet cake, melt the dark chocolate inside a double-boiler. Cool the syrup and then pour it over the top layer of the cake.
  • For the decorations, acquire some chocolates, candy bars and rainbow sprinkles in the market. You may sprinkle crushed chocolates around the cake and top it with sprinkles of different colors.
  • Strawberry syrup constitutes a plain birthday cake look very colorful. It’s perfect for a vanilla flavored cake, with white icing on the top.
  • Bananas, grapes and apples can provide a cake a different look and texture. Mix finely chopped apples, grapes (both green and black) and bananas. Sprinkle the mix on the top most layer and across the sideways, to cover the cake having a layer of colorful fruits. You might decorate vanilla, pineapple or black current cake using the fruit mixture.
  • To make your birthday cake look much more elegant, use real flowers because the decoration. Adorn your cake having a frozen rose as the topping.
  • A fun method to decorate a birthday cake is to use edible silver and golden balls. Sprinkle all of them over the cake. They are best suited for dark chocolate cake.
  • An good way to decorate a birthday cake is to top it with flower-shaped icing, in various colors. Consider the size of the wedding cake, while decorating it with flower icing. This really is best suited for round and heart-shaped cakes.
  • You may also make edible Barbie dolls, butterflies or edible miniature sculptures of superheroes like Superman or Spiderman, for decorating the wedding cake.

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