7 Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts 2016

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Every Valentine's Day, couples around the world go crazy over traditional gifts. Here are some of the traditional Valentine's Day gifts you would give your partner.

Valentine’s Day is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. Traditionally Valentine’s Day is celebrated by giving a gift or doing something nice for a girl or boyfriend, or a spouse. Valentine’s Day is an expression of love and is often thought of as a romantic holiday. Getting a thoughtful gift is sometimes forgotten due to the convenience of being able the grab a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers at the nearest grocery store. There are some simple ways to make Valentine’s Day gifts thoughtful and personal. These are some of the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts you would give your partner:

Traditional Valentine Gifts:

Traditional Valentine's Day Gifts

Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts


Chocolates have been amongst the most common as well as the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts since ages. Be it a male or a female, your better half or your sibling, there is no one who would not like to receive a box of chocolates as a gift. Make sure that you keep the recipient’s taste in mind, while buying the treats.

Love Letters

Writing a love letter to the one you love shows that you want the other person to know how you feel in your heart.  It is the most valued Traditional Valentine’s Day gift to give your lady love or your man.


Roses symbolise love and passion. A red rose is a traditional Valentine’s Day gift which is given by one of the partners to the other. The colour red is associated with the colour of the human heart, therefore red roses are exchanged on this special day.


A Valentine’s Day card is an added way of saying you really care and love that person with all your heart and soul. Therefore, this is a traditional Valentine’s day gift which never go out of the books.

Traditional Valentines Cards

Traditional Valentines Cards

Heart-shaped Keepsakes

Valentine’s Day, a day that revolves love, has ‘heart’ as its most common symbol. This is why all the keepsakes dedicated to this day are usually in the shape of heart. Amongst the most popular heart-shaped keepsakes are jewelry box, memento, pillow, photo frame, figurines, and so on.


Women love to get a real diamond or gold ring on valentine’s day. If your budget doesn’t allow such expensive gifts, drop the idea and plan something else which will make her happy and impress her easily.

Heart Locket

When two hearts become one, it is a great feeling. This heart locket is one of the most treasured traditional Valentine’s Day gifts you can give your partner to celebrate the day of love.

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