7 Homemade Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend

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Homemade gifts are always valued as they contain your effort, love and sentiments in them. In the following article we will give you some of the best homemade Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend.

The Christmas is a favorite holiday for most of people, which is associated with a lot of great traditions – dressed Christmas tree, Santa Claus, family circle and our beloved ones. The mandatory attribute of the Christmas Eve celebration are also gifts and surprises. Before the Christmas every girl wonders, what could be the best Christmas gift for boyfriend in 2015. Have a look at some of the best homemade Christmas ideas for your boyfriend.

Best Homemade Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Homemade Christmas gifts are some of the most thoughtful gifts to choose for your boyfriend because they show that you’ve put in a lot of efforts and thought in making them. That they aren’t simply bought off the shelf. That is why personalized gifts are always a great gift idea. Here are some ideas for the kind of homemade Christmas gifts that you can get for your boyfriend.

Mixed CD

Mixed tapes are classic gifts for couples to make each other. Blank CDs are inexpensive and making a mix is a fun way to introduce your boyfriend to new music. Choose your favorite songs, new artists you think he’ll love, and one or two sentimental songs from your first date. Design your own album cover and label for the CD with your own artwork or altered photo of the two of you together. Encourage him to play the CD while you’re together so you can let him know why you chose each song, or leave a simple note tucked inside listing out each track and the meaning behind its selection.

A Customized T-Shirt

Get a white or black t-shirt for your guy and then paint it with some cool stuff on it. Either your guy will get a little romantic or may also get emotional that you took the time to do all this. Always add some funny quotes or taglines depicting your love story, or places where he has spent a lot of time such as his college or his favourite bar where he spend a lot of time with his friends on every weekend.

Memory Jar

This one has got to take the cake from among all the personalized gifts. Purchase a glass jar and then fill it with ‘memory chits’. You know? The funny, emotional, silly, sad incidents that have created memories through the span of your lives or just his. You could tap into themes like ‘The first time you met’, ‘His first day at college’. Make it even more special by asking his friends, colleagues and family members to write a chit about their favorite memory of him.

Photo Frames

One of the best presents for your boyfriend is to collect some of the most memorable snaps of you guys together and some exclusive snaps of his, and then gift them to him with a photo frame and all the copies of the chosen snaps. That way he can keep changing the snaps over and over again and have a reminder of you guys.

Gift Basket

Wine, coffee and chocolates are some of the most preferred items assorted in gift baskets. You may also given an assortment of grooming products as Christmas gift for your boyfriend.

Homemade Cookies

Homemade Cookies

Holiday Shadow Box

Shadow boxes just look nice and are a definite crowd pleaser, so this is sure to be a hit no matter who you give it to. If you like your DIY Christmas gifts to come out exactly how they look in the picture, this how-to gives you a link right to the exact materials that were used so you can replicate it spot on.

Homemade Cookies

Nothing can be easier than baking cookies for Christmas. You can try out a recipe from a cookery book or television. Or give your cookies a special feel with your own creative recipe idea. Your cookies will make your gift receivers adore you even more. However, if you want that special place in the receivers’ hearts, know their flavor preference in advance. This would help you in baking the right cookies for the right person. Christmas cookies can be a real gift to present on this festive season. In case the person whom you would be gifting is very special, gift wrap the cookies in an attractive pack. But, if they are meant for family members, the gift wraps can be given a miss.

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