Top 10 Anti-Ageing Superfoods for Younger Looking Skin

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These super foods will give you lots of benefits and also have a capacity for higher anti-oxidants.

Aging is a natural process but, obviously, we all wish we could look young and remain healthy forever. We can’t provide you with the Fountain of Youth, but we all do have some tips that can make an enormous difference in slowing down the body’s aging process and leave others wondering how you stay so young.

Medicines keep us alive longer than ever before, however they have side effects. Instead of counting on medicines and beauty products, focus on the food choices. The foods you eat greatly impact how your body responds as you get older.

It’s well known that poor nutrition plays a role in disease and premature aging, whereas a healthy diet plan provides your body with important nourishment to keep your organs in good working condition. Plus, healthy foods will help the body combat the typical problems due to aging.

Here are the top 10 anti-aging superfoods that can boost your health and reduce the impacts of getting older.

Anti Ageing Superfoods

Anti Ageing Superfoods


Honey has Vitamin B6, c niacin, thiamin and calcium and also happens to be full of antioxidants. Research shows that honey can also help in working with memory declining as well as deal with anxiety.

Green tea

Green tea has a high proportion of catechin polyphenols. This compound works; using chemicals these increase amounts of oxidation and thermogenesis. Aiming for 3 cups daily likewise helps to lose body weight. Green tea can also be considered as an excellent preventative against the diseases like cancer and high cholesterol.


Being rich in nutrients i.e. iron, calcium (a few of the essential minerals), helps the body to fight with osteoporosis. Amaranth can be a substitute for any grain, and you can eat it as a complement for your meal.

Plain yogurt

Being low in calories and rich with protein, yogurt also has friendly bacteria that will improve digestion. Yogurt in plain form also offers phosphorus, calcium, vitamin B12 and riboflavin.


Lycopene contained in tomato acts as natural sun ray blocker as well as prevents from the harmful UV rays causing sun spots and wrinkles. The protein in tomato keeps skin supple. Eating some tomatoes, in the form of tomato juice daily helps reducing aging.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate packs with a good amount of antioxidants that can help you preserve your body from radicals that create oxidative damages to body cells. Cocoa contained in dark chocolate contains flavones that encourage our vessels to unwind and function well. Stick to three squares of dark chocolate, and remember cocoa percentage, much better.

Wild salmon

Salmon rich indigestible, enough quality protein can help you fill up as well as stay slim and fit. Salmon is furthermore to this great source of omega three essential fatty acids too and is anti-inflammatory also.

Super Nuts Benefits

Super Nuts Benefits


These are super foods and the inclusion of cashews, walnuts, pecans and almonds for your food can only make them more nourishing and tastier. Walnuts are high omega-3 and one quarter cup packs 163 calories and 91% of the daily need for Omega 3 that comes to 2.3 grams. You should really benefit with the addition of around Ten to fifteen nuts in a raw form daily while ensuring that you are not adding too much fat.


Garlic packs a proper punch and is good for bringing down blood pressure and also cholesterol. Additionally, it removes heavy metal from the body thus helping your fight cancer and infections away. You get selenium, potassium, iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc together with vitamins A, B and C when you eat garlic.

Whole grains

These are rich in fiber along with a good way to keep risks of heart problems at bay and also help in maintaining your weight down. Go for pastas or bread that’s made from whole grain. You can also choose sprouted grain bread or prebiotic ones.

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