Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Best Ways to Start the Day

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These healthy breakfast ideas for kids can give your toddler a boost in the morning.

Breakfast is brain food for kids. While skipping breakfast is really a bad idea for anyone, kids will have the impact more. They have a higher ratio of brain weight to liver weight, meaning their brains’ overnight demand for glucose more quickly outstrips the supply stored in the liver than it does in adults. Thus, refueling with the proper breakfast is vitally important.

Here are top 6, healthy breakfast ideas for kids:

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Best Ways to Start the Day

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids: Best Ways to Start the Day

Breakfast Egg Muffins

This is an easy and healthy breakfast idea that is portable capable to be eaten on the go. It packs a powerful nutritional punch and tastes delicious. It may be adjusted to fit your child’s tastes with the addition of whichever vegetables your child likes. You may make these by the dozen and merely reheat for breakfast each day, making breakfast faster and easier than a bowl of cereal!

Wellness Bars

These are also portable and kids love them, however they do contain a fair amount of sugars in the dates, so they should be combined with a hardboiled egg or some other protein. They are simple to make, and with just a few natural ingredients, they beat the heck out of Pop Tarts!

Oven Omelet

When cooking for an entire family, this is an easy way to help everyone get quality proteins and sneak in some veggies. Cook veggies and meats of choice (we like spinach, onions, ham, etc.) inside a large oven-safe pan until pretty soft. Give a dozen eggs or so, scramble along with a fork and stick within the oven to finish cooking. When it’s done, thin slices just like a pie and can be eaten on the go.

Protein “Brain Power” Smoothie

This is my kids’ favorite, and while they don’t get it every day, this is actually the only smoothie that keeps them full in excess of half an hour. It contains coconut milk, coconut oil, almond butter, egg yolks, banana, vanilla, and whatever flavor you want (cinnamon, cocoa powder, strawberries, etc.). It’s plenty of good fats and medium chain fatty acids to support kids brains, and they appreciate it because it tastes like a milkshake! Additionally, it contains much less sugar than juice based smoothies and keeps you satisfied much longer!

Coconut Flour Waffles

Coconut Flour Waffles

Coconut Flour Waffles

These are a big hit at our house, and while they take longer to organize, they can be made ahead and frozen to reheat. They contain more protein than some of the “eggs” you receive in fast food breakfasts, and also have healthy fats and filling fiber to help keep kids (and adults) going until lunch. They also only have a few ingredients and taste great! Use strawberries and whipped unsweetened heavy cream or pure maple syrup for toppings (if you need one!).


Include fruits or vegetables inside your preschooler’s breakfast. They supply fiber, potassium and vitamin C, a nutrient that supports immunity. Apple slices or orange segments are quick fruit ideas that lots of preschoolers enjoy. A carton of unsweetened applesauce is yet another fiber-rich breakfast option. Make homemade smoothies to improve your child’s intake of essential nutrients. Combine 100 percent fruit juice with bananas, peaches, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi or mangoes and low-fat plain yogurt. Puree the mix until smooth and serve having a straw.

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