Healthy Breakfast Foods For All Day Energy

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Breakfast foods you’re probably already eating (or drinking hello, coffee!) pack big-time benefits for your health.

When it comes to preparing a healthy breakfast foods first thing in the morning, many of us make a sour face. the lives have become too hectic and filled with chores that the liberty to sit down with the family, and having a good wholesome breakfast seems tough. However, as you may have already heard, breakfast foods is one of the most important and must-have meal in the day. Most of the people skip breakfast due to their busy schedules. In this health conscious age, people might feel that skipping a meal will aid their weight loss endeavours. But skipping breakfast is one of the worst mistakes a person could make while trying to eat healthy. Breakfast foods is the most important meal of the day and you need to have a proper meal loaded with nutrients to perk your body up for the day.

Healthy Breakfast Foods

Healthy Breakfast Foods

List of Healthy Breakfast Foods

Greek yogurt

This tangy, creamy yogurt is loaded with calcium and boasts plenty of protein nearly twice as much as regular yogurt to keep you feeling full throughout the morning. Your best bet Choose a plain, nonfat variety, and add some fruit to give it some sweetness and flavor (and a dose of added nutrition).

Considering Coffee

Considering coffee’s an essential component of a healthy breakfast foods, and the good news is that it’s a healthy option to start your day. Joe Vinson, PhD, a coffee expert at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, told “Eating Well” that drinking around two to four 8-ounce cups of coffee a day is associated with health benefits, including a reduced risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Coffee also may help with type 2 diabetes, due to its antioxidants cholorogenic acids and quinides, which boost cells’ sensitivity to insulin.


There’s nothing like a banana at breakfast foods to keep those mid-morning cravings at bay. The yellow fruit especially when they’re still a touch green are one of the best sources of resistant starch, a healthy carbohydrate that keeps you feeling fuller longer.

Fiber-Rich Fruits

Fiber’s an important part of a healthy breakfast foods, but the average American only eats between 12 and 18 of the recommended 25 to 38 grams of fiber a day, says the Linus Pauling Institute. Add fiber-rich fruit to your breakfast to boost your consumption it has a positive effect on cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer and weight control, LPI says. One healthy breakfast option is prunes, which have 7.7 grams of fiber per cup add them to your whole-grain breakfast cereal or oatmeal. Raspberries, another healthy breakfast food, top that at 8 grams of fiber per cup. These berries are also high in antioxidants and vitamins C and K.

Fiber-Rich Fruits

Fiber-Rich Fruits


Trying to lose weight? According to one study, eating half a grapefruit before each meal may help you slim down faster, thanks to the fruit’s fat-burning properties and its beneficial effect on blood sugar and insulin levels. Grapefruit is also hydrating, filling, and packed with immunity-boosting antioxidants.For a well-rounded breakfast foods, pair it with protein such as yogurt or an egg, Giovinazzo suggests. But check with your doctor first if you take any medications, as grapefruit and grapefruit juice.


Watermelon is an excellent way to hydrate in the morning. What’s less well known is this juicy fruit is among the best sources of lycopene a nutrient found in red fruits and vegetables that’s important for vision, heart health, and cancer prevention.Best of all, watermelon contains just 40 calories per cup, landing it on lists of so-called negative-calorie foods that supposedly burn more calories during digestion than they add in. (Actually, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but that’s no reason to not eat watermelon!)


Sprinkling ground flaxseed into a smoothie or bowl of cereal will turn your breakfast foods into a gold mine of omega-3 fatty acids just two tablespoons contains more than 100% of your recommended daily intake for those heart-healthy fats. Flaxseed, which has a nutty flavor, also is rich in fiber and lignan, an antioxidant that’s been shown to protect against breast cancer. A word of caution Whole flaxseeds will pass through your body without being digested, so be sure to buy them ground or grind them yourself with a coffee or spice grinder.

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