Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects & Health Benefits

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Green coffee bean extract may also be standardized to 30 to 50% chlorogenic acid, a substance present in coffee that has long been known for its benefits.


Green coffee bean extract is a new ingredient available on the market. It has strong anti-oxidant properties much like other natural anti-oxidants like green tea extract and grape seed extract. These beans have polyphenols which act in lowering free oxygen radicals in your body. Green coffee bean extract may also be standardized to 30 to 50% chlorogenic acid, a substance present in coffee that has long been known for its benefits.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This active ingredient makes green coffee bean a great agent to absorb free oxygen radicals; in addition to helping to avert hydroxyl radicals, both which bring about degradation of cells in your body.  Green coffee bean extract is made from saving money beans of the coffea Arabica plant. There’s two types of coffee plants, arabica and robusta… the arabica is higher in quality and better in chlorogenic and caffeic acids, two primary compounds accountable for anti-oxidant activity.

Green Coffee Side Effects

Green Coffee To lose weight Work

  • The mechanisms aren’t completely understood, but there’s evidence that the extract may lessen the absorption of sugar from carbohydrate rich foods like bread, pasta, potatoes and sweets.
  • Rat research has confirmed that there is some impact on sugar metabolism. Other animal research has led researchers to think that there may also be an impact on fat metabolism. Obviously human studies are the ones we actually care about, but unfortunately there’ve not been many.

Green Coffee Extract Research has shown

  • Of the few scientific testing on people that have been conducted, results seem promising. Critics might declare that earlier studies were flawed in design and also the evidence is not sufficiently strong to make a conclusion.
  • A far more recent study, however, that was published in the journal “Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy,” were built with a stronger design and much more encouraging results than previous studies.
  • Researchers discovered that among 16 overweight adults who took green coffee extract for 3 months there was an average weight reduction of 18 pounds. Additionally, there was a 4% decrease in body fat.

Green Coffee D You have to Take

  • Most studies used doses of 180-200 mg daily. However, the more recent study used higher doses of 700-1050 mg daily. Dr. Lindsey Duncan, a naturopathic doctor and celebrity nutritionist, recommends taking 800 mg two times a day half an hour before meals. Dr. Duncan says to consider pure products without additives or binders for the best results.
  • No harmful side effects happen to be reported in any of the studies done on green coffee extract up to now. However, most of these research has been of short duration, such a long time term side effects remain unknown.
  • Pure green coffee extract has some potential like a weight loss supplement. And however, there have been no reports of side effects, long-term studies ought to be done to establish its safety and see if the weight loss results could be sustained.
  • Diet and exercise should be the basic building blocks associated with a weight loss program. Green coffee extract may be used to boost weight reduction in those already living the kitchen connoisseur who do not see the results they’re looking for.
  • It is important to discuss any supplements or medications having a doctor who can monitor you for potential side effects or interactions along with other medications.

Green Coffee Benefits

  • Lowered Blood pressure level:

The most obvious reason for lowered blood pressure level is lower weight, however the reason goes deeper than that. Inside a double-blind study, 117 men with hypertension received varying doses of green coffee extract. The research showed an improvement in blood pressure level that was directly from the dosage given. Better outcome was seen with higher dosage.

  • Cholesterol Reduction:

Chlorogenic acid present in green coffee bean extract acts being an anti-oxidant in the body. It is also accountable for reducing harmful amounts of homocysteine in the blood and inhibits caffeine processes that create bad cholesterol.

  • Blood sugar levels:

The stabilization of blood sugar levels occurs as green coffee bean extract inhibits glucose-6-phosphate. This enzyme is released in the liver. By inhibiting its release, the liver also decelerates the release of sugar in to the bloodstream. Once again, chlorogenic acid is paramount component in the treatment. A clinical study showed a 32 percent decrease in post-meal sugar spike following a 400mg dose of green coffee extract was handed.

Pain Relief: Due to the natural caffeine present in pure green coffee bean extract, some discomfort was controlled through the use of the extract. Medicines commonly taken for headaches and PMS use caffeine because the main ingredient, however the caffeine in green coffee bean extract is of course occurring, and therefore, causes no jittery or uncomfortable feelings when employed for pain relief.

  • Energy:

Although people use brewed coffee, energy drinks and soda to enhance their energy levels, natural caffeine in green espresso beans is a better choice. When employed for energy, there is no crash and afternoon and evening fatigue are significantly reduced or done away with completely. The extract allows your body to burn fat whilst giving the cells the power needed to function.

  • Weight reduction:

Chlorogenic acid inhibits the discharge of glucose in to the bloodstream and promotes body fat burning process of the liver. This increases metabolic process and leads to weight loss. In the past studies, patients received green coffee bean extract while consuming their normal diet. A placebo group was adopted as the control. This research revealed that the green coffee extract group dropped a few pounds on an average of 18 pounds in 22 weeks. When coupled with changes to dieting and exercise, the weight loss being more significant. Studies are on-going.

  • Green Coffee Health

The health advantages listed above are only associated with pure green coffee bean extract. Roasted coffee cannot be used as a substitute. Numerous benefits derived from this raw extract are proportional to chlorogenic acid, that is removed during the roasting process.

  • Green Coffee Extract Dosage

The dosage amount varies with respect to the results wanted. To lose weight, it is suggested to consume 800mg. The recommended dosage for reducing blood pressure level and lowering cholesterol is 185mg daily.

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