50th Birthday Cake Design

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Birthday cakes are special and what makes them even more special is the way they are decorated.

A Birthday, specifically the 50th birthday, is really a special occasion in everyone’s life. If you’re planning to bake and decorate a cake yourself, following are a few interesting birthday cake decoration ideas that will help you to create a wonderful cake for the loved one.

The 50th is really a milestone birthday. Like the 50th wedding anniversary, the 50th birthday is usually a cause for lavish celebrations.The 50th birthday cake design ideas ought to be inspired from the person’s choices, as well as your own creativity. A personally made birthday cake is yet another great birthday gift. Take a look at the following pictures if you’re thinking of making classic birthday cakes.

50th Birthday Cake Design

50th Birthday Cake Design

Ideas for Decorating a 50th Birthday Cake


With regards to humorous ideas for decorating a 50th birthday cake, consider utilising some specialty pans or plastic decorations specifically made for that 50-year mark. You could bake a cake within the shape of a tombstone and add text with icing, or bake an ordinary sheet cake, cover it with green icing and stick a lot of plastic headstone decorations across the top. You can buy or make a hill-shaped cake engrossed in green and brown icing, and stick a plastic man having a cane decoration coming down one side.


Formal ideas for decorating a 50th birthday cake may also use specialty pans and special decorations. Use cake pans in the shape of the numbers “5” and “0” to produce a “50” cake covered with cream frosting and edged with tiny red rosettes. You may also top any kind of cake having a golden “50” candle and lightly cover the wedding cake with tiny gold bead sprinkles.

For a formal 50th birthday cake decorating concept that works on almost any kind of cake, edge the underside of the cake with small flowers, and put flower-covered foam pieces shaped like a “5” along with a “0” on top. You could also cover any basic cake with small golden fondant “50” shaped pieces.

Cake Decorating Themes

Floral Theme

The classic and also the most popular cake decorating theme. Floral patterns with enchanting pink and lavender flowers and green leaves will make for a perfect floral cake. Floral themes usually opt for wedding cakes, or birthday cakes.

Fun and Frolic

Fun themes take advantage of a lot of color, splash and sparkle. Use of different shapes like, stars, circles and balloons, will help you make the perfect fun cake, which is ideal for almost any joyous occasion.

Cartoon Themes

Although kids love cakes of all kinds, what better way to surprise them compared to combining their most favorite things – cartoons and cake! Cakes could be decorated either by drawing cartoon characters or while using molds and ready-made icing figures.

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