8 Surprising Health Benefits Of Eating Green Bell Peppers

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Bell pepper, also known as capsicum or sweet pepper, is an adored ingredient in cuisines throughout the world for its slightly tangy and sweet flavor.

Bell peppers contain an impressive amount of vitamin C with up to as much as six times as oranges. Bell peppers are also packed with vitamin A and beta carotene which can help boost the immune system, improve vision, and help protect the eyes against cataracts.

Bell pepper, also known as capsicum or sweet pepper, is an adored ingredient in cuisines throughout the world for its slightly tangy and sweet flavor. Bell pepper which is a member of the nightshade family, contains a surfeit of health benefiting nutrients. Available in a range of colors, bell pepper packs a potent nutritional punch which helps to fight a range of diseases. Adding this colorful vegetable to your diet can benefit you in a number of ways.

Here Are Top 8 Health Benefits Of Bell Pepper:

Health Benefits Of Bell Pepper

Health Benefits Of Bell Pepper

Healthy Immune System

Bell Peppers contain vitamin C, which is important for maintaining a healthy immune system and for building strong collagen to support skin and joints. It is instrumental in lowering the risk of arthritis and reducing inflammation. It is important for developing strong bones and protection of cells from oxidative damage.

Weight Loss

Bell peppers are low in calories. It is estimated that a cup of bell pepper contains only 22 to 25 calories. This makes this wonder pepper friendly to people who want to lose weight. In addition, your weight loss goal is far from impossible when you add bell pepper to your diet. This is because bell pepper boosts the production of body heat – making you burn more calories than usual.

Rich in Carotenoids

Lycopene, which is a type of antioxidant, is the substance that gives bell peppers their red color. This is a carotenoid that helps you fight the free radicals that you are exposed through toxins in the environment.

Protect Skin

Sweet peppers safeguard the skin from the negative effects of UVB rays. UVB rays affect the skin surface, triggering burning up as well as ageing along with stimulating the growth of cancer of the skin. A survey from the Laboratory of Dermatology-Immunology, Catholic Research Institute of Medical Science, discovered that capsiate, an analogue of capsaicin present in sweet peppers, considerably reduced UVB-induced scarring damage whenever utilized topically on the skin.

Healthy Eyesight

Bell peppers are known for their ability to improve eyesight. Lutiens and zexanthin are antioxidants that help in this regard. There have been studies that prove that bell peppers may help in sopping cataracts.

Bell pepper to lose weight

Bell pepper to lose weight

Reduce Inflammation

Equally sweet as well as hot peppers have indicated anti-inflammatory qualities. Capsaicin from hot peppers is actually a confirmed anti-inflammatory which is used simply by arthritis victims both for inflammation and pain. Sweet peppers consist of an analogue type of capsaicin known as capsiate. This particular no pungent type doesn’t have heat of hot peppers. The capsiate in sweet peppers is actually a powerful anti-inflammatory, in accordance with the National Institutes of Health.

Relieve Pain

Capsaicin lotions produced from hot peppers alleviate discomfort for arthritis victims, applied on aching joints and muscles to relief ache. Topical pain killers are great for individuals who have difficulty using tablets.

Scurvy Prevention

Scurvy is caused by a deficiency of vitamin C and since bell pepper have a high content of this vitamin, adding it to daily diets can do wonders in keeping this disease at bay.

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