Top 8 Interesting Facts About Babies

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It is wonderful thing to become parents but with the news comes with huge responsibilities which will demand more time from parents for the care of their new born.

Pregnancy is a memorable time in a woman’s life, but it’s the end result that’s even more incredible. The gift of a child is remarkable and a newborn baby is one of life’s most perfect creations

There are few things sweeter than the endearing smile of a baby. Seemingly simple beings, they cry when hungry and smile when happy but there is so much more to the average baby than first meets the eye. These incredibly cute little humans have complexities you might never have imagined. Read through our Top 8 fun and Interesting Baby Facts and learn more about these intriguing tiny humans.

Hare Are Some Interesting Facts About Babies:

Fun Baby Facts

Fun Baby Facts


In the first two years of baby’s life, a parent loses almost 6 months of his sleep. New parents get less than four hours of sleep because of baby’s cries at night. This may result in irritated behavior and stress in parents.


The tear glands in a baby are not well developed until they are three week old so they can’t shed tears but they scream a lot. Some babies shed tears only after four or five months.


A child’s swallowing and breathing habits are not completely harmonized in the first year or two. The baby may try to swallow as it tries to breathe out. Simultaneously, it is learning to unravel these bad models, so it just takes them longer than it takes a grown person to go back to normal. Nursing a baby or giving him or her bottle may temporarily solve the issue.


A baby uses approximately 8000 diapers from his birth until he gets trained for toilet. Fathers can change the diaper in almost one minute and mothers do it in two minutes.

Fake Coughing Habit

It is a type cough that develops at the age of six months. When babies start to cough, they are trying to understand how the world works. The child has noticed that when somebody coughs, mother is very caring, so the baby is doing it to get attention. Remember, attention is good, but too much attention becomes not good for both the parent and the child.

Mother’s Voice

New born babies can recognise their mother’s voice at birth. In womb. they listen and respond to their mother’s voice above all sounds. They are more sensitive to their mother’s voice.

Changing Diapers

Changing Diapers


A baby is not able to taste salt until the age of 4 months. The delay can be attributed to the development of kidneys, which start to process sodium at that time. Severe tooth decay can occur if a child or toddler regularly drinks any carbohydrate-containing liquid (milk, formula, or juice) from a bottle at bedtime or sips from a bottle continually throughout the day.

Baby Can Save The Mother’s Life

If a women suffers from an organ damage, the baby in the mothers womb can repair the damage by transferring stem cells to the organ. Almost half the women with heart weakness are have recovered quickly during or after pregnancy.

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