Top 7 Printable Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

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If you want your house to be the talk of town this Halloween, all you need to do is to decorate it with some good taste. Here are some easy crafts to make your task easy.

Halloween is a great way to involve your children while ringing in the celebratory mood. Making your child do some Halloween crafts will double up his joy in addition to enthusiasm. These crafts are exciting to make and your child is bound to indulge while showing off his many talents along the way.

Here are some Printable Halloween craft ideas that the child can make at home under your guidance. Make sure you invest equal participation and spirit while creating these Halloween delights.

Top 7 Printable Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Top 7 Printable Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Styrofoam Pumpkin Garland

Pick up some Styrofoam balls in different sizes. You can find them at the craft store. Paint them orange. Once dry, you can add black triangle eyes along with a spooky mouth. A a little green paint on top can make a stem. When all of the pumpkins have been decorated, hot glue a loop along with each one for hanging. You can make it with wire, string or felt. String the pumpkins on the length of black yarn. Hang them within the hallway or weave them around a chandelier for any festive touch. These may also look fun if you just fill a bowl up for grabs with them.

Egg Carton Bat

This Egg Carton Bat is a great project to make with your kids! Reuse an old Styrofoam or cardboard egg carton making a whole family of cute bats! These would look wonderful hanging from one of your trees on Halloween party! With a few simple materials, these Halloween bats make crafting fun and easy for kids of all ages. This Egg Carton Bat is sure to bring smiles this October. Easy Halloween crafts will always be a great idea for nights when you want the kids to get creative and become in the holiday spirit.

Pillowcase Trick or Treat Bags

This is a fun craft to do with smaller children as well as older ones. Take some white pillowcases and some Halloween plastic stamps. Using fabric paint, stamp on designs. You can stencil each child’s name on their bag or write it with glitters. Use rhinestones and other decorative embellishments to create each bag unique. Children will like using their very own hand made bags once they Trick or Treat.

Painted Halloween Pumpkin Contest

Since most youngsters are not able to carve their own pumpkins (and it’s a real drag just watching the adults get it done), have a Pumpkin Decorating night. Rather than carving with sharp knives, children may use all kinds of supplies to decorate probably the most fantastic pumpkin ever. Use paint, stamps, googley eyes, felt, pom poms and then any other embellishments you have around. Children could possibly get creative and you can relax knowing they won’t harmed. If you have several children or wish to invite neighborhood friends, you can award Halloween gifts or prizes for the best pumpkins.

Halloween Noise Makers

Halloween Noise Makers

Halloween Noise Makers

Turn concentrated juice cans into noise makers for that little ghouls this Halloween. These noise makers are a good craft to do with kids before Halloween.

Frankenstein Kids Halloween Costume

Apply certain spare fabric and a few cardboard boxes to create a fun Frankenstein costume for Halloween. Find this project and 34 other kids Halloween outfits in Cute and Easy Costumes for children by Emma Hardy.

Spider Craft

Make some leggy spiders together with your child for a fun and simple Halloween craft! Take a paper egg carton, and help your son or daughter cut out one section from the carton. Place the carton section open-side down on the workspace, and enable your child to paint it. Any shade is useful for a colorful spider, but Halloween spiders look very best in black. Once the paint is dry, strengthen your child poke four holes on each side of the spider, then have him/her insert a pipe cleaner into each hole and bend to create the legs. Put the finishing touches in your spider by gluing on the pair of googly eyes and bending the pipe cleaners to own spider knees and feet.

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