Smart Kids Grooming Tips

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Children find it difficult to understand why he or she needs to be clean. If you want these to follow what you teach you will have to practice it as well. Habits learnt in childhood are likely to be followed after becoming an adult as well.

Everything has suddenly become fierce and we all need to face the world manfully. In such a situation, kids grooming from a very early

Kids Grooming Tips

Kids Grooming Tips

age is very important as it helps in training them for that true challenges of life and it is through good kids grooming that the children can be self-confident and can actually have way better decision making that others.

The Early Days

It is a common notion that kids grooming does not start till the time kids are school going. This is certainly wrong. Kids grooming begin right from your day your baby comes into this world and everything that you do or say to your baby is subliminally a part of kids grooming. Babies respond to different external stimuli like light, sounds etc. and for that reason; the kids grooming of that time should be more inclined towards such training methods which use these stimuli for kids grooming.

Personal Grooming

In kids grooming, personal grooming is one of the primary building blocks of the entire grooming process. The sooner you start focusing on it, the greater it will be for your child to understand the manners and develop good habits. Personal grooming is essential from everyone and good kids grooming with focus of personal hygiene leaves an impact for a lifetime. Therefore, personal grooming in kids grooming shouldn’t be ignored and it should be started with simple things like brushing teeth, tidying up the stuff, taking bath daily etc.

Educational Games

Educational games, indoor and outdoor activities are a great way to channelize the thinking and learning process with regards to kids grooming. These games can give a direction for their mind and can be very useful in putting their energy on course. Moreover, they can improve their reflexes too that is an added advantage with kids grooming through educational games.

Fighting the Social Evils

Among the fundamental issues which you have to incorporate in the kids grooming plan for your children is educating them concerning the right and wrong at each step. This begins with letting them know not talking to strangers and moves towards issues like preventing child abuse. In kids grooming, such discussions and sessions with kids could be a bit uncomfortable in start but you will find going to make a lot of difference inside your child’s life when to come to fighting the evils of society.

Certain hygiene measures that you ought to make your child practice regularly are


Encourage your son or daughter to bath daily each morning before going to school and in summers at night as well. Older children have to be taught individual hygiene as well like washing underarm and genital region. This will be relevant for older girls who’ve started having periods. Help them learn how to clean their genitals well.

Oral Hygiene

Smart Kids Grooming Tips

Smart Kids Grooming Tips

Help make your child realize the importance of brushing thoroughly twice daily (in the morning, and before sleeping during the night). Teach your child about dietary influences on his/her teeth instead of saying no for certain foods. Explain why they ought to avoid having too much sweets, biscuits and fizzy drinks. Explain them that food left within the teeth and gums can cause tooth decay or caries. Encourage good eating routine.

Hand Washing

Washing hands is the most important facet of hand care that you can teach your child. It is considered as one of the best ways to prevent infection and spread of germs. Children improve by seeing or watching. Wash both hands often with them so that they learn to wash well and get the content that it is an important and good habit. Teach your child to use soap to wash hands. Make sure that while washing hands your child makes the soap lather and scrubs their hand using friction for a minimum of 15 to 20 seconds. Remind your child to wash under the cuticles, the fingernails, between the fingers and the back from the hands. Stress on washing hands properly after visiting the washroom, before and after eating and drinking, and touching and preparing food.

Nail care

Teach your child about nail care and be sure that bad habits like chewing and biting nail, keeping long nails is discouraged. Remind your son or daughter to wash under the cuticles, and fingernails while washing hands. Teach your child to cut nails regularly as bacteria accumulate under long nails. Focus on your child’s toe nails as well. Cut these to keep the nails small and teach your child to wash feet thoroughly daily and apply moisturizer.

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